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A professor of English is a university-level educator who specializes in teaching pupils about the English language and its literature. They study the English language as well, usually with an emphasis on literature or writing and an English professor salary is high. They may focus their study on a variety of sub-disciplines within the English discipline, such as literature, composition, drama, poetry, English linguistics, etc.

Most of the time, English professors are responsible for teaching a wide variety of classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These classes often address a variety of topics that fall within the tent of the English academic field. Students who might potentially benefit from it are also given coaching and extra study help from the program. As a result of the fact that their schedules are subject to change from one semester to the next, they have considerable flexibility in the scheduling of their work shifts. If they comply with the institution’s vacation policy, they are allowed time off over the summer. For the purpose of doing research, some members of the faculty could be eligible for extended leaves of absence, known as sabbaticals, as well as other types of extended leaves.

In addition to their responsibilities in the classroom, professors of English often publish research papers, write books, and take part in conferences that are essential to their areas of expertise. They also maintain their training in the field in order to remain current on the most recent developments and advancements that have been made in the field.

FAQs About English Professor Salary In The United States Of America

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Some of the most frequently asked questions about English professor salary and their answers are explained below.

How Much Money Does A Professor Of English Earn In The United States?

A person who teaches English in the United States might anticipate earning something in the neighborhood of 142,000 USD per year on average. The lowest starting wage is 65,400 USD, while the highest possible salary is 226,000 USD (highest). This is the general annual salary, which takes into account additional advantages like transportation and housing. The salary of English professors might vary greatly depending on factors such as experience, talents, gender, or location.

The United States has a median hourly salary of 68 US Dollars, which is sometimes referred to as compensation per hour. Based on this data, it seems that the median hourly income for an English professor in the United States is roughly $68. Hourly pay refers to the amount of money an employee gets for working an hour. Salaried positions are more frequent than hourly ones, yet both are widespread in the labor market. Salaried positions, in contrast, pay a regular amount each month regardless of how many hours are worked. Jobs that pay workers by the hour are often referred to as hourly jobs. For an accurate representation of hourly pay from a salary, apply the following formula ( considering 5 working days weekly and 8 hours in a day which is regarded as the standard for most jobs). The calculated hourly salary may be off due to weekly hours worked and yearly vacation time. The existing data are recognized as reasonable estimates and are used for comparison. Overtime pay is a big difference between paid and hourly employees. In contrast to hourly workers, salaried workers are seldom compelled to work extra.

An assistant professor salary and an associate professor salary of English in the United States are almost the same which is 27 USD per hour. An associate professor salary on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 11% to be exact, earns almost $34,000 a year, while the top 10% earn $92,000 whereas an assistant professor salary is 63,000 USD annually. Though an assistant professor salary and an associate professor salary vary from state to state.

How Do Experience And Age Affect An English Professor’s Salary?

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When it comes to evaluating a person’s appropriate remuneration, the amount of experience is the single most critical factor. An English professor salary will naturally increase in direct proportion to the number of years of experience they have. The average annual salary for an English professor with less than 2 years of teaching experience is roughly 75,200 USD. In addition, English Professors with experience ranging from 5 – 10 years get a remuneration that is comparable to 180,000 USD per year, which is a 22% increase over the income of their colleagues with experience ranging from 5 to 10 years.

10 to 15 years of experienced teachers might earn 196,000 USD per year, a 9% rise over decades of experience. Workers with more than 20 years of experience earn $21,000 a year, 8% more than those with 15 to 20 years of experience. Someone with two to five years of experience earns 99,000 USD a year, a 34% increase over someone with less than a year of experience. Five to 10 years experienced teacher earns $146,000 per year. This is a 48% rise over 2-5 years of experience.

How To Increase An English Professor Salary?

Now that you know how much money you may make teaching English, we can discuss strategies for increasing your income.

Improve Your Abilities

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By focusing on developing marketable abilities, you may increase your chances of being hired for higher-level, higher-paying professions. Among these abilities are:

  • Learn the ins and outs of managing a classroom of pupils.
  • Create syllabi, lessons, and homework for courses.
  • Effective and interesting course and curriculum design is the focus of the instructional design.
  • Create and provide tests and other forms of evaluation to see how well students are grasping course material.

Negotiate The Terms Of Your Job Offer

Make sure to bargain for higher pay when you’re given a job. Don’t be shy about asking for what you’re worth if you’re a seasoned English professor. A larger beginning pay, a signing bonus, or more paid holidays are just a few examples of perks you might request. A larger beginning pay, a signing bonus, or more paid holidays are just a few examples of perks you might request.

Get Back To School

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Going back to school for an advanced degree may be the last thing on your mind, but the payoff, in the long run, might be substantial. Professors with doctorates often earn more than their peers without doctorates. You may improve your qualifications by taking courses at a local community college or online if you are unsure of whether or not you are ready to return to full-time higher education.

Bottom Line

Strong abilities in research, critical thinking, and communication are required for working as an English professor. In addition to teaching, many English professors are also expected to produce original related research to their expertise. As an English professor’s salary is high and their reputation is also very good, pursuing a career as an English professor can be a good decision if you are interested in this field. I hope you have got a clear picture of a career in English teaching considering the English professor salary.

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