Close to 6 million American households are behind on rent right now. If your family is one of them, it may be time to scrounge up some extra cash. Looking for items to sell around your home is a great way to earn extra bill money.

To be most successful in selling your excess clutter, you need to know the best websites to buy and sell items. You also need to know the best items to sell online. Learning where to sell items online is the easy part.

There are tons of resale websites and social media marketplaces you can utilize. Finding some worthy items around your house to sell can be more difficult. Read on to find out 5 items that will sell well online.

1. Video Games

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Vintage video games and video game consoles are great things to sell online. They are often collector’s items and may have increased in value since you first purchased them.

N64 and some classic games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Cart can earn you hundreds of dollars (if not more) online. Even once obsolete systems such as the original Xbox are making a comeback.

2. Sports and Fitness Equipment

Sports and Fitness Equipment

Selling sports and fitness equipment is one of your best bets to earn a quick buck online. Things such as old surfboards, football equipment, and fan apparel can command a hefty price on the internet.

This is particularly true if you have any collectible sports memorabilia from specific teams or players. Do some research before selling your old sports and fitness equipment. It may be worth more than you think.

The current Pokémon craze has not yet subsided. If you have any Pokémon-related items around your home, now is the time to sell them. Pokémon cards in particular are at an all-time high right now.

Make sure to get them graded by the proper authorities to figure out how much they are worth first. If you have a rare card, it may be enough to pay for all your outstanding bills and pay for a year or two off from work.

4. Cars

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Functional, used or junked automobiles can be an excellent source of cash providing you find the right buyer online. Getting cash for cars that you no longer use can be a great way to get some extra money for your bills.

5. Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are another craze from the ’90s that has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years. If you are fortunate enough to have some of these plush gold mines in your possession, you could earn tons selling them online.

Make sure that they are in good condition with their tags still attached if you want to seek top-dollar for them. Even if they are in poor condition they should still fetch you some amount of money online.

Cut Clutter and Your Debt

Nobody likes being behind on their finances, but this is an unfortunate reality for many Americans. However, with the internet on your side, you stand to make some real money off the things around your home.

Look for some extra items to sell online using this guide as inspiration. That way you can get ahead of your finances and maybe even strike it rich in the process. Our site is full of other great content like this, so check it out again!

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