For a cat throwing up undigested food, start by not offering any more food to your cat and only after 6 hours provide some water and cat food for sensitive stomach such as chopped up chicken.

Before bringing a kitten into your home, it can be prudent to do a little bit of research on the type of kitten you want as a furry companion. Some breeds of cats are more prone to allergies and sensitivities and then you might have to face your cat throwing up undigested food, a lot.

Not All Vomiting Is A Reason To Be Concerned


Siamese cats, for instance, are known to be at higher risk for developing food allergies than other cats. They may well be throwing up undigested food and you may believe that something is seriously wrong with them. There are actually a few reasons why cats do this and not all the reasons are a reason to be concerned.

Now you may ask, what to do in the case of a cat throwing up undigested food? It’s not easy diagnosing vomiting in a cat, especially as cats do tend to do this for a number of reasons. Most times the vomiting is transient. So, what to do if a cat throwing up undigested food is to first determine the cause of vomiting. An important part of helping your cat is adjusting his diet. Your cat’s stomach will need to rest and settle.

For a cat throwing up undigested food, wait for about 6 hours or so without food and very little water and you can start to offer some food. If your cat does not vomit you can start to increase fluids and the small amount of bland food you started with such as chopped-up chicken.

Digestive Support For Cats Under The Weather

In fact, cat food for sensitive stomachs can provide your cat with balanced nutrition and minimize vomiting. Cat food for sensitive stomachs has been formulated to give your cat digestive support when it’s under the weather.

Any Concerns – See A Vet

See A Vet

If however, you are concerned about your pet, you can always make an appointment with the vet to put your concerns at rest.

Cats do vomit for different reasons, but if your cat often brings up undigested food and it appears to be well, then you don’t have to worry. On the other hand, yellow, frothy bile brought up is something to be concerned about and then veterinary advice should be sought.

Do Not Mistake Regurgitation With Vomiting Undigested Food

Did you know that when your cat is vomiting, it is something as harmless as just regurgitating its food? If you know the difference between vomiting undigested food and regurgitating, it can help to put your mind at rest.

Regurgitation is a mix of food and fluid expelled from the esophagus, and it can sometimes be mistaken for vomiting. Regurgitated food has not been digested by stomach acids. So your feline friend ejects this undigested food from the throat after eating. Regurgitated food never reaches the stomach, so the expelled food is actually pieces of food. But a cat throwing up undigested food is something else and more concerning.

Vomiting in your furry feline friend can be connected to an assortment of health concerns. Some of the things that could cause vomiting are vegan cat food and intestinal worms.

What about vegan cat food? Some people become vegetarians and then through sheer ignorance believe that they can provide their feline pet with vegan cat food. This is the very worst thing you can do for your cat. Cats are carnivores through and through.

A carnivore is a meat eater and vegan cat food goes against everything that a cat is. A cat relies heavily on the nutrients found in meat to survive and vegan cat food just is not going to remotely provide your cat with the nutrients it needs. A cat’s metabolism requires high amounts of protein and it is not able to synthesize plant nutrients on its own.

Yes, we do sometimes see commercially manufactured vegetables listed on cat foods but this is because some of the nutrients are artificially synthesized and included with vegetables in the food. In nature, a cat would consume an entire mouse.

Larger felines would consume a buck which would have grass in its gut and the wild cat consumes this. But it’s not their natural choice and it’s surprising then that cat food manufacturers include some vegetable matter but perhaps they are trying to imitate the way a cat eats in the wild where the cat eats the entire thing, gut and all.



Gastroenteritis is when your cat has eaten something that has irritated the stomach. You will notice your cat throwing up undigested food. Gastritis can be caused by any number of things such as parasites, certain medications, or the wrong foods.

Your cat would not only be vomiting but will also likely have abdominal pain and diarrhea. The vomit may well have foamy, yellowish bile and your cat may well be gagging, even after the stomach has emptied.

Inflammatory bowel disease can also cause a cat throwing up undigested food. The term actually covers a number of different conditions, one of which is Inflammatory Bowel Disease. It’s when the cat’s gastrointestinal tract becomes irritated and inflamed. Common signs of feline IBD include vomiting, lethargy, and even weight loss.

Intestinal Worms

Cat throwing up undigested food could be due to intestinal worms. These parasites are another terrible problem in cats and one of the signs of intestinal parasites invading the cat’s digestive system can include this vomiting of undigested food. These dreadful intestinal worms can be contagious to humans too. Deworming medication from your vet can help to eliminate the problem.

When Your Cat Needs Liquid Cat Food

Liquid Cat Food

Cat food manufacturers try to provide pet cat owners with an excellent choice of food for felines and they know that as cat ages, their dietary needs change. The vet may well recommend liquid cat food for a cat that needs some TLC. If a cat throwing up undigested food is your lot with your pet, your vet might prescribe liquid cat food to get your cat through a trying period so that your cat can regain its strength.

Can Cats Eat Pickles

Can cats eat pickles? Fermented pickles have good bacteria which is good for human gut health but that does not mean they are good for animals. Can cats eat pickles? Definitely not. It can be tempting when you are eating a hamburger with pickles to toss your furry friend a tasty, sauce pickle or two.

Pickles have lots of salt in them too and this is not good for cats. A cat can’t be consuming too much sodium. You will in all likelihood have a cat throwing up undigested food when you feed him pickles. This kind of food along with garlic and onions should be kept far out of reach of cats.

If only people realized that a cat can experience a lot of health problems if it’s fed a vegetable-only diet. Your cat can develop deficiencies that can lead to all kinds of health issues as this vegan diet is low on essential amino acids.

Feeding a kitten such a diet can even lead to stunted growth and lethargy. Your kitten just would not have any energy to get up to all the mischievous things that kittens get up to. Remember that if you have any questions about the kinds of food you should be feeding your kitten and an adult cat, speak to your vet.

Remove Food To Give Your Cat’s Stomach A Break

So what to do with a cat throwing up undigested food? Cats do vomit quite regularly, but it can become worrying when they bring up undigested food. Sometimes a cat will vomit after eating too much or too quickly. If your cat is vomiting undigested food, remove all food from your cat for a while just to give your cat’s stomach a break.

When you do offer your feline friend some food, allow it to be fibrous food to help with clearing small intestinal blockages. The best high fiber foods will fulfill your cat’s carnivorous needs and have high moisture content.

They are made by reputable pet food manufacturers. They are well received by cats with digestive issues and are rich in animal-sourced protein and other top-quality ingredients. Your cat’s digestive tract is rejecting food, and if the cat throwing up undigested food continues, it might be wise to speak to your vet to moderate your cat’s food intake and not to attempt introducing your cat to any new, unfamiliar food.

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