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Terravida analysis of CBD legislation, news and trends

The regulatory environment has finally changed in the US: the CBD industry is about to increase in size as consumers will have more confidence in the lawful acquisition of cannabidiol products. This is the case since hemp and its CBD (cannabidiol) derivative are about to be removed from the Schedule 1 list of controlled substances. […]

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Blunt vs Bong: Which One is Better

The two items most commonly used by weed enthusiasts to get high are blunt vs bong. Here are the difference between blunt vs bong.

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8 Surprising Hemp Oil Benefits That You’ve Never Heard Of

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about CBD or hemp oil at least once. It seems like almost every newspaper and TV show is talking about it. Or maybe you’ve spotted it in the wild. Perhaps a few stores have started offering it in your area. The amount of CBD oil and its use is […]

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9 Kratom Health Benefits You Need to Know

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree that is native to parts of southeast Asia. Kratom has been used by the people of southeast Asia for millennia.   Its leaves were traditionally used for pain management and alertness, but it has several other health benefits which are still being researched.   Keep reading to learn […]

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6 Factors That You Should Consider When Selecting A CBD Vape Pen

According to Wikipedia, a vaporizer or vape is a device that is specifically used to evaporate or vaporize substances thereby making them suitable for inhalation. In recent times, vaping devices have been developed for CBD users. This makes it easier for you to receive all the benefits of CBD using this effective delivery method. There […]

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Canada Marijuana Legalization Strains U.S.-Canada Tourism: Potential Criminal Charges Waiting in the U.S.

Canada became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana after Uruguay. While the act has been planned since Justin Trudeau took office, the nationwide legalization process was finalized just last month. As per Canada’s new federal cannabis act, adults are allowed to have up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, which is enough […]

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Growing Like Weeds: The Ever-Expanding Marijuana Economic Benefits

1996 was a big year for marijuana. This was the year California legalized medical marijuana, making it the first state to recognize cannabis as having medicinal benefits. More than 20 years later, the rest of the U.S. is making huge strides to legalize both medicinal and recreational marijuana use. Today, 33 states plus the District […]

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What is CBD Oil Used for?

Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil   CBD oil is better known as cannabidiol oil but what are its uses? Well, it is a natural remedy used for many illnesses. It is one of the many chemical components found in marijuana or cannabis plant. Here are a few uses of CBD oil   Used as […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Legal Marijuana Consumption

Marijuana consumption is estimated to increase by about 50% by the end of 2018! More and more people are choosing marijuana for chronic pain or medical conditions. So, what is it about marijuana that’s attracting more people to try it? From THC to CBD, pipes or creams, there are so many ways to consume it. […]

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How to Get Marijuana Delivered to your House in California

Things are changing ferociously fast in today’s world and convenience is king.  We have Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare apps. We also have Postmates, Grubhub and several other delivery services for food, not to mention Amazon, Walmart and grocery chains which deliver just about everything you can possibly need or want.  And don’t forget recreational […]

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