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8 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save the environment or just lower your energy bills, there are plenty of reasons to convert to an environmentally friendly home. Going green is easier and more affordable than ever. Check out these top tips to make your home more eco-friendly. Switch to a Latex Mattress […]

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Beer Barrel Samples: Sensory, Attenuation, Temperature, And Ph

There are many different variables throughout the fermentation process that affect how sour beer is produced. In order to better understand our beers and sour beer production in general, we pull small samples from each batch of beer every 10-14 days and specifically track four things: sensory, attenuation, temperature, and pH. Pulling Nails In order […]

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Don’t Put That in the Storage Unit! Surprising Items That Need Climate Controlled Storage

If you’re considering putting items into storage then you need to stop and read this article. A surprising number of items can be badly damaged unless they are put into climate-controlled storage. Read on and save yourself a lot of money and heartache down the road. Surprising Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage The list of […]

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Save the Earth and Your Wallet: 4 Green Living Tips That Will Save You Money

Going green doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Small changes, that cost you little (and even make you some money) can have a big impact on the environment. Did you know that simple changes, like swapping your light bulbs for LED bulbs, using a […]

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Rebuilding After the Storm. Here’s What Hurricane Maria Did To The Puerto Rico Real Estate Market

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico, claiming about 4,600 lives and causing damage worth $91 billion.  When a hurricane strikes, the local real estate market takes a massive hit. While the consequences last a long time in some markets, others rebuild fairly quickly and regain a significant chunk of the lost value. In […]

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How does fitness in the office space influence the performance of the employees?

On the weekends we are too tired from working 40+ hours at the office and on the weekdays, we spend the better part of our time at our desks. Numerous recent research work shows that long periods of sitting is terrible for health. Irrespective of age, it reduces the blood flow to the lower extremities. […]

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Reaching an Agreement: 3 Farmland Negotiation Rules to Keep in Mind

As 2019 rapidly approaches, farmers around the world are starting to think about what the leases on their new year leases are going to look like; most notably when it comes to land. As row crop production continues to decline causing lease rates to drop, many farmers are thinking of moving things around. However, when […]

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How to Keep Drains Fresh and Block-Free in Homes?

There are some smart ways to keep your drains clean in the house so that you have to give the call to the plumber very less or never for clogged drains. The main trouble most households get with drains are clogs, blocks, sewage water reversal, pipe internal bursts and leaks, bad odor, gurgling sound, etc. […]

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How to Clean Your Carpet Without a Vacuum – Keep Your Floors Spotless

Vacuums make carpet cleaning easy, but what if you want to keep your carpet clean without a machine? Maybe the vacuum is too loud for your sleeping baby. Perhaps your vacuum cleaner broke down and you’re not ready to buy a new one just yet. Whatever your reasons for not using a vacuum, it helps […]

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Homemade Powder Carpet Cleaner – Keep Your Carpet Odor Free

Many homes have carpets on their flooring, which can be tough to clean. Using the wrong products can make carpets hard to clean. Something that can be difficult to get out of carpeting is odors. Using baking soda, you can create a homemade powder carpet cleaner that will eliminate odors, rather than mask them. Homemade […]

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Seven Fatigue Fighting Tips

Do you feel sluggish in the morning and need an energy boost to get going? Well, you’re not alone. Approximately 40 percent of Americans still feel tired when they wake up every morning. While many people turn to coffee and other highly caffeinated drinks to get going, you can get your energy from healthier sources. […]

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Should You Get Solar Wall Lights?

When you have been using traditional outdoor lighting, such as incandescent bulbs protected by metal and glass, you might not understand how well solar lighting works in outdoor settings. With the newest solar wall lights, for example, you don’t have to worry about cast-iron frames rusting due to moisture. That alone can be a great […]

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3 Amazing UNESCO Heritage Sites To Visit in Uganda

With very few areas that have been marked as UNESCO sites in the entire world, Uganda the pearl of Africa is that one lucky safari destination with 3 (three) of them. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) feature some significant sites and while on safari in Africa, Uganda’s designated sites are such […]

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How to Create the Ultimate Eco Home

A 2015 survey shows that 60 percent of home improvement projects today are eco-friendly. Therefore, it’s easy to see why the demand for eco friendly homes is growing. When you decide to remodel your home, you open yourself to new possibilities when it comes to designing and styling your home. With recent trends gravitating towards […]

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