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The Many Faces of Stock Market Investing

The traditional view of investing in the stock market typically had to do with long-term financial stability. Millions of people put at least a portion of their discretionary income into a portfolio of stocks, bonds and other things like precious metals, rare art, collectible cars and more. However, with the advent of the internet, many […]

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5 New Stocks to Consider for the First Quarter

It’s time to diversify that portfolio of yours. If your fiscal year is coming to an end, you may want to diversify your stocks. Or maybe you just want some new stocks to keep you interested. It ain’t always easy to know what the up-and-coming stocks are, we know that. There’s no shame in admitting […]

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The Real Secret Reason That Amelia Earhart is so Famous

How about this one? Still no? Okay, okay. How about… now. Yup, that’s Amelia Earhart enjoying a ticker-tape parade in her honor. She’s often thought of as the first or the Her accomplishments are widely known. Among them being the first woman — and second person ever — to solo nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean. […]

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