Our skin is one of the most vital organs that we certainly have to keep safe and contended all the time. The biological complexity of the skin makes it a difficult piece to study, especially when you are looking for something that will benefit your skin for the good. Words got there that the natural herbs like basil, neem, and so on are with good for the skin as they have biochemical components which boost the health of the skin and nurture it from the inside. Recently, another addition to this family is the CBD

Some more details about CBD and it’s origin 

Many of you have heard about the hemp plant. Well, basically hemp is a kind of tropical bush whose chemical constituents are aggregated in a way where the plant will cause a psychological high in people. Cannabis is almost similar to the hemp when we consider their etymology, but the major difference between them is that cannabis doesn’t induce a high which seems to be equivalent to that of taking drugs. 

This cannabis plant species have a complex organic chemical composition, out of which the main component is the cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is rather derived from hemp which can be considered as a by product of the cannabis plant. Rest assured, the oil is very much safe to take as per some presumptions drawn on the basis of surveys done with people who have taken and used CBD for curing their ailments. 

Benefits of having CBD for your skin 

As far the skin is concerned, in order to keep it healthy, you have to provide nutrition from both the outside and the inside. The two layers of our skin act differently towards other elements and hence, separate cars should be given to each of these layers. CBD does just the things, ensuring that your skin receives a proper attention and stays healthy both from the inside and the outside. 

But, the question lies in the fact how a chemical like cannabidiol helps in treating the skin ailments and making it look better with time. So, if most of your mind is throwing the same question at you, let’s discover the reasons for which CBD can be considered as a friendly agent for your skin. 

1. CBD helps in lowering the episodes of acne breakout 

The exact reason for an acne breakout is still not known since there are multiple triggers for the same. Sometimes, change in season might cause your skin to react harshly, thus causing acnes to breakout. Sometimes, there are episodes where too much exposure to pollutants cause your skin pores to get clogged and form acnes. Basically it’s an inflammatory disease which can become painful in case of serious breakouts. This is where the CBD comes into the role play. It has enough anti-inflammatory substances which reduce the inflammations on the skin and slowly reduce the acne. 

2. If reduces the symptoms of anti-aging 

With the increase of free radicals in the blood, the cells of the skin stop working properly since they don’t receive enough nutrition. CBD when used with some other nourishing topicals can reduce the symptoms of early aging. The anti-oxidants present in cannabidiols help in lowering the levels of the free radicals and hence make your skin have it’s youthful look back. 

3. Nourishes dry skin and makes it supple 

The medium chain Omega fatty acids present in CBD works great on the skin. People who have dry skin can easily nourish their epidermis by using the CBD infused skincare products topically. The Omega chains help to restore the oil balance of the skin, thus making it supple and soft. Also, it helps in increasing the water retention potential of the skin, thereby helping it to stay hydrated for longer times. 

4. Alleviates the outcome of psoriasis 

Psoriasis is one of the most common skin problems where the skin cells grow abnormally in n infected manner and form blister on the skin. The anti-inflammatory substances in the cannabidiols help in lowering the inflammations and also the pain which accompanies psoriasis. 

5. Reduces the effect of depression and tension from the skin 

As CBD works great on a person’s psychological state, it is very clear that once you start using the substance for your skin, you will feel relaxed and every ounce of tiredness and dark spots will simply fade away after a certain moment. 

Things you should be concerned about while using CBD for skin 

Even though it is true that CBD is an extremely beneficial substance for the skin, it is not sure till now whether it is medically safe for prolonged use or not. Studies are still going on but neither doctors not researchers could say for sure that CBD can cure all your problems without causing any side effect. 

So, following are the few things that you should always be concerned about if you are on CBD. 

  • Prolonged use might cause certain problems like dizziness, lack of energy and so on. 
  • Overdosing is extremely fatal.
  • Don’t expect to get high after taking in CBD

Places where you should look for the CBD skincare products 

Lastly, the main fact is about buying proper and genuine CBD products for your skin. IHF is one such place which sells CBD products with an assurance that all you will get from their products is benefits. They use high quality cannabis to extract the cannabidiols. Their products are free of any added catalyst or parabens.


In conclusion we can say that yes, CBD is beneficial for the skin but as it is not get proven to what extent it is helpful, exercising a little more caution is suggested. 

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