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Consider the challenges that come with this role — it is not always sunshine and rainbows in the campground. There is a lot of hard work and commitment on your part to ensure the children are looked after properly.

In this article, we will discuss the challenges of camper life.

1. The Shower Only Stays Hot for Five Minutes

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A key challenge to camper life learning new survival skills is the shower only staying hot for five minutes. This can be extremely annoying when you are used to warm showers back home or at a lodge or hotel. You may want to take a longer shower than you can without the water turning cold quickly.

A remedy to this is to switch to quick showers or try to accumulate the water that you convert to hot before showering. You can time when you turn the heater on such that it would turn off in a few minutes, just in time for your shower.

2. You Have Very Little Privacy When You’re in the Camper

Camping can present some camper life challenges to those looking to learn survival skills while they are in their camper. One of the biggest challenges is having very little privacy while in the camper.

Because camper life usually requires sharing a small space with others, there is often very little room for personal space as well as for having private conversations.

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3. It’s Almost Impossible to Cook Anything on the Stove

Survival skills are always essential to RV living, and cooking is no exception. For example, it’s almost impossible to cook anything on the stove without first learning the proper techniques and safety steps that come with it.

Additionally, without the proper guidance and practice, campers may end up in dangerous situations, such as starting a fire in an improperly prepared stove or using it with the wrong kind of fuel. As such, learning how to properly use the stove is something that campers should definitely do before heading into the wilderness.

4. You Have to Go Grocery Shopping on Almost a Daily Basis

Going grocery shopping on almost a daily basis can be an intimidating experience. Learning how to purchase enough food without going over the budget, interpreting expiration dates, and ensuring that you get enough nutrition on a daily basis are all skills that campers must learn.

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In addition to the regular activities of shopping, understanding price points and smart shopping techniques can help decrease spending and improve the overall quality of the food you purchase.

If you’re maintaining your RV air conditioner, check out some online resources to give you additional information.

Learn About Camper Life

Camper life may come with challenges and unexpected possibilities, but it can also be rewarding and exciting. Through camping, we can gain a deeper understanding of nature and our environment.

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