Do you need some landscapes paintings? One fact often ignored when trying to get the best out of employees or coworkers is that having artwork on your walls is an excellent option for achieving this. Research has shown that looking at artwork increases blood flow to the brain by 10%, improving cognitive abilities and, eventually, productivity.

Visiting art galleries also encourages creative thinking and contributes to reduced stress levels, which are elements you need for your business. Now, do you know what’s better than having just any painting on your office walls? Setting up art from some of the best landscape artists America has produced is your best option.

Charles Marion Russell is one of these artists, and having at least one of his outstanding paintings should be on everyone’s checklist. So keep reading as we guide you through your options in the list of Charles Russell paintings showing 19th-century Western American landscapes.

Best Charles Russell Landscape Paintings for your Office

Landscapes Paintings

Colors provoke emotions; for an office environment, you want to use landscape paintings with hues that bring out the right emotions. Thankfully, one thing about  Charles Marion Russell is that he created a wide variety of paintings, and you always have one with the exact color you need for your work environment. So here are the best colors for your office environment and the Charles Russell landscape paintings that perfectly showcase them.

Green – The Romance Makers

Green is the color of nature and has a generally-calming effect on humans. It is a color associated with relaxation, happiness, and physiological well-being, and within your office space, it connotes a healthy and thriving atmosphere for workers.

While other people bring plants into the office space to evoke these effects, you can opt for one of Charles Russell’s paintings. “The Romance Makers” is an excellent choice as, alongside the bright green field taking up a large part of its canvas, your coworkers have an artwork with extra meaning.

The term “cowboy” is often used to describe individuals aggressively committed to getting results. So we see one at the forefront of this Charles Russel print leading his pack across the green terrain. There’s more, however.

The artwork also features a far-reaching landscape view with a limitless horizon. This captivating view shows your coworkers that there is no limit to what they can achieve, and all they need is the same dedication as a cowboy. There are a lot of other Charles Russell paintings that evoke these same effects.

Blue – Deer Grazing


Just like green, the color blue creates a sense of calmness. However, it goes the extra step of improving creative productivity. The sea and the sky are landscape elements that champion this hue excellently, and you will surely see many of Charles Russell’s works featuring them. However, one of the best and more popular of these is “Deer Grazing.”

Deer Grazing is a simple artwork by Charles Russell with dominating blue color. This blue hue is seen in the sky, mountains, and, more importantly, the far stretch of foggy terrain. Alongside the color blue, fog is known for its calming aesthetic, with cloudy atmospheres known to improve focus and help us think more clearly.

Lookers are soothed into creative thinking when set up on your office walls. Moreover, the seemingly thriving deer population and green pasture are extra elements in the artwork that connote health and well-being.

Yellow – Buffalo Bills Duel with Yellow Hand

Do you want to step away from relaxing scenes to ones that push your coworkers to put in that necessary physical effort? Yellow is your go-to color option as it provokes emotions that energize employees and encourage collaboration. Yellow and golden accents are vibrant and, like the sun, implore that it’s time to get things done.

Now, no other work in the list of Charles Russell paintings showcases this hue more than “Buffalo Bills Duel With Yellowhand.” As seen above, it is dominated by yellow and golden accents, with hints of blue on the horizon and parts of the plains serving as complementary tones.

Yellow - Buffalo

The painting also showcases a scene of victory. We see the cowboy win a gun battle or duel against a member of the Cheyenne tribe who roamed the golden plains of Central Minnesota at that time. Your coworkers could find one or two inspirations from this to get one over business competitors.

Purple – When the Land Belonged to God

Purple is a color that connotes elegance, high quality, and elevated value. Rather than invoking emotions in employees, it is a color that works magic on your office visitors. Purple brings out a sense of luxury and tells your customers or partners that they get the best value from working with you.

“When the Land Belonged to God” is up there with Charles Russell’s most famous landscape paintings, and its subtle hue of purple is perfect for your office space. The herd of buffalo shows the health of the land, and the elegant hue surrounding the herd represents uncommon luxury.

Painting for office

Set up in your office, and you can equate the features of this painting to the unique value your business provides its customers and partners. If you need a painting with a more dominant presence of purple, then Charles Russell’s Dude Wrangler is another excellent option.

Some other colors you can incorporate into your office space include red, which promotes alertness and awareness, and orange, which promotes high activity levels. These are essential traits you need to get work done excellently.


While coming up with ideas to get the most out of your office or workspace, art is irreplaceable. The western artist Charles Russell’s career is filled with some of the most captivating landscape paintings, and you have many colors and works to choose from. Use colors as guides for picking the decorative artworks that invoke the right emotions you need from your employees, partners, and customers.