Miami is one of the world-known cities known for amazing beaches, top-class nightlife, and high-end hotels, restaurants, and shopping. It’s a place to have fun and explore this part of the world in its best light. However, did you know Miami is a favorite among families, too? It’s also a great place to move to with your little ones, and ensure they’ve got the most amazing childhood. This guide is for all those looking for a place to settle with their loved ones – we’ll share some of the most charming family-friendly neighborhoods in Miami where you can look for your dream home.

Reasons to move to Miami with your family

Neighborhoods in Miami

As we mentioned, a family-friendly lifestyle is not something you think of first when it comes to Miami. However, this is one of the great places to raise your family in Florida, and now we’ll discuss all the reasons for it. Miami is a great choice for you if you’re looking for:

  • Amazing weather – dressing up your kids will be a lot easier (and less expensive) when you don’t need to worry about layers, warm jackets, and boots. Miami’s weather is great all year round, so you’ll little ones will play outside whenever they want;
  • Enough parks, playgrounds, and water parks – one more detail for your kids’ play time, there are plenty of outdoor playgrounds and greenspaces you can go out with your little ones. Miami is more than just a beach, there are plenty of things to do and explore.
  • Quality education options – from elementary schools to universities, Miami offers quality education for kids of all ages. Miami is also the city of culture, so you can ensure your kids will grow up in a stimulating environment;
  • Connection to the world – even though Miami is a top tourist destination, you’ll find it easy to hop on a plane and reach many international locations. The city is well-connected to the rest of the country, but also many destinations all over the world.

Miami is so much more than the perfect weather and beaches.

Where to move? Top family-friendly neighborhoods in Miami

There’s one thing you should know about Miami neighborhoods. Each section of this city is so unique, but together they make a unique blend we all love. Picking a family-friendly neighborhood as well as the best place for your loved ones can be challenging if you don’t know the best areas of the city to raise kids. This guide will tell you all about it and help you narrow your options for a more efficient house-hunting process. Here are some charming family-friendly neighborhoods you should consider when moving to Miami.

Coral Gables

One of the top choices among families in Miami, Coral Gables is a perfect place to own a home in a rather peaceful area not far away from downtown. Parents love it because of the many high-quality schools in the area, but also plenty of playgrounds and green spaces. It’s also great for big families, as it’s easy to find spacious homes at a reasonable price. The median home price is a bit over $650,000, whereas the median rent is about $1,400.

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Key Biscayne

This neighborhood is one of the most popular in Miami, both among locals and travelers. Its amazing beaches, popular amenities, and top-rated schools create a very high-quality lifestyle many people choose. Families love spending time at Crandon Park Beach and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, which are perfect for hiking, having a picnic, and more. However, living in Key Biscayne comes with a price – homes here are on the more expensive side. Be sure to know your budget and get pre-approved before you start house-hunting in this charming family-friendly neighborhood.

Getting a fixer-upper can be a way to spend less on a home, and then slowly renovate according to your financial situation. You can always keep your possessions safe in a storage unit until all the work is done in the house, so you minimize the risk of damage and reduce dirt and dust on your furniture.

One of the most exclusive, but also charming family-friendly neighborhoods in Miami – Key Biscayne.


If you’re looking for a slow-paced lifestyle but still want to have easy access to the vibrant center of Miami, Kendall is the way to go. This Miami suburb is known for many parks, playgrounds, and recreational options, but also for many things to do all around the neighborhood. Even though this part of the city doesn’t have direct access to the beach, you can easily reach any place of interest everywhere in Miami. Kendall is perfect for those who are looking for a balance between urban and suburban, which is why it’s a common choice for families moving to Miami, but also young professionals. Home prices are slightly more affordable than in the previous areas we mentioned, but you can choose from a variety of housing options according to your budget.


If you want to reach the coast from Kendall, you’ll have to go to Pinecrest, a neighboring area. It’s another charming family-friendly neighborhood in Miami, and it should be one of the potential locations for your new home. Pinecrest is getting more and more attention from families moving to Miami, and there are a couple of reasons for it. It’s quiet and safe, there are plenty of beautiful waterfront homes, and it’s really kid-friendly. Secure streets, plenty of recreational areas, and top-rated schools make this place a top choice for those looking for a place to settle down with kids.

Let professionals help you choose the best family home

moving to Miami

Choosing the location is only one step in the process of moving to Miami. Be sure to trust a professional real estate agent to help you find a home – preferably one who has a lot of experience in the neighborhood you like. City Movers also remind you that choosing a local moving team can simplify the process and make it safer and more affordable. Local experts are always a better choice, so be sure to ask about their previous experience in certain Miami areas.

Trust professionals with local experience.

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Final words

These are all charming family-friendly neighborhoods and surely one of the top choices if you’re moving to Miami. However, you need to decide according to more personal factors, to make sure the place you pick feels like home. Consider your daily habits, lifestyle, budget, the location of important places in the city, proximity to friends and family, and similar factors – you’ll be able to easily narrow the list down and choose the best place to call home.