You can usually tell when a company’s skimped out on advertising.

We’ve all seen those horrible personal injury lawyer or car commercials late at night. Sure, they’re funny, but they aren’t exactly doing a great job of selling themselves.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to get good advertising. You can spend heaps of money to get yourself on TV or on a billboard and see almost no results.

Cheap advertising is a completely acceptable way to do business, as long as you’re creative with it.

Here are 5 out of the box and cheap advertising techniques that are sure to drum up business.

1) Have a Sense of Humor

Spend a lot of time building up your social media accounts. Use hashtags, follow the right people, and post a lot. When you’re posting, keep it loose and let your funny side out.

Consumers love when the company they’re buying from employs likable people. Have the person at your company with the quickest wit run your socials and see where it goes.

If you’ve built up your Twitter and Instagram accounts, it’s sure to make waves in your sector. Use puns, dry-humor, and funny captions to draw your audience in. Even a strategically placed dad-joke will make people happy.

2) SEO

The key to getting people to your website is using the latest SEO formulae. Keywords and analytics are the name of the game if you want to stay relevant.

It doesn’t hurt to hire an SEO specialist to help you out with this, but if you want a cheap promotion, you can learn all about SEO theory by yourself.

3) Appear on Podcasts

One of the ways products can go viral is by appearing on podcasts as sponsors. You’ll have to provide a special offer, but the exposure is second to none.

In addition to promoting your product on a podcast, you could appear for an interview on one. Your consumers will jump at the opportunity to listen to an entrepreneur talk about their product or service.

Be careful when contacting podcast hosts. Do your research and find out what kind of listener base it has before agreeing to go on. You don’t want to waste your time and the podcaster’s time if neither of you is getting any valuable promotion out of it.

4) Promote Good Reviews

Go on Yelp and other review sites to look at your reviews. Lift the good ones and link to them through your social media profiles. Nothing goes quite as far as a positive review.

Testimonials are the perfect way to show that your product or service is worth the money.

5) Design and Conquer

Another classic and cheap way to advertise is by having a great design. Hire a graphic designer for a one-time fee to make you a really good logo.

Once you’ve got it, plaster it all over town. Find a cheap poster maker, have them printed, and poster anywhere you can. Drop business cards in people’s mailboxes, and leave flyers at other establishments. 

If you make yourself everpresent, people won’t be able to ignore your business.

Have Fun With Cheap Advertising

If you appear to be passionate and funloving to the public, they’ll attach to your business. There’s nothing people enjoy more from an entrepreneur than likeability and someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Cheap advertising can be created using pretty much anything. Put your brainstorming cap on and remember that your bad ideas will get you to a better idea.

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