“Two Chinese Airline has approached Airbus to fulfill their aircraft needs, they order for A320 & Forty Three Aircrafts recently”

In Details:

In Business world this new is most popular that Qingdao Airlines , Chinese company has ordered for 23 aircraft and A320 itself five order and A320neo.

On the other side “Zhejiang Loong Airlines” has secured its 20 aircraft orders also 11 A320 and 9 A320neo.
Chinese government has approved this contract and this new was declared in Beijing air show openly.
Airbus has signed the order and promise to provide their orders form 2016 , Company is looking much satisfied and happy to get this deal.

Background Of The Chinese Aircraft Companies:

Qingdao Airlines is Chinese airline company started its business in 2014 with the help of leased airline. This company is situated at Qingdao province of Shandong.
Zhejiang Loong Airlines is new Aircraft Company recently established its office at Hangzhou province of Zhejiang.

Why They Demand?

Due to high traveling pressure , china need to increase its traveling in Asia to access international market. Chine is becoming the God of Market that’s why trips from outsiders are increasing day by day . This year they currently faced 9% raise in international visitors at their country
By noticing traveling increase john leahy (chief operating officer) stated as

“we welcome Qingdao airlines as a new member of the big airbus family and The commitment from Zhejiang Loong Airlines is another vote of confidence for our popular A320 family.”

China has record 32 million travelers last year and this is a good sign for their trading power.
Airbus has recently gave this statement that according to his survey in 2032 Asia Pacific will overtake the Europe & North America traveling graph.

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