At Zurich Airport Customer agents caught fake pill about one million for anti depression

In details:

Swiss Officer told that they impounded fake anti depression drug shipment of 4 crate. Pills were shipped from china to Egypt , Therapeutic Products agent of Swiss tested the drug in their labs and found them fake.

They found the counterfeit version of Xanax tablets, these drug were made up for the anti-depression disease.

Agent told that in their lab while testing these drugs they found some fake ingredients in the tablet and they found difficulty to proof the formula of the tablet as fake.

Swissmedic agent told to the press as

“Analyses in the Swissmedic laboratory revealed that the drugs, which are prescribed to treat symptoms of acute anxiety, contained no active ingredients whatsoever”

400kg weighted 4 crates were shipping to the Egypt, destroyed after arrogated as fake.

Agent told that manufacture company has formulated tablet cleverly , it was so difficult for them to claim as fake at first look.

Egypt is a developing country like other developing country it is also considered as massive market for the fake drugs.

According to world health organization about 30% drugs of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are selling fake medicines .

Their markets are selling drugs ranges from simple anti pain killers to big diseases drugs. There are no test legal testing laborites in action to seize the fake drugs in a market.

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