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How (And Why) to Choose a Fax Machine for Your Business

Small business owners always have a full plate and a seemingly endless list of decisions to make. There are considerations about improving your product, strategies for marketing your business, ways to keep your employees engaged, and the list goes on and on. While some of these decisions may seem trivial to those on the outside, business owners understand that every little thing counts.

One such little thing is choosing and purchasing the right equipment for your office. Anything that will be used regularly by you, your staff, or your clients should be carefully considered and chosen correctly. While a new fax machine may not be the sexiest purchase you will ever make, this staple of office life has become a mainstay for a reason.

So even if the idea of shopping for a new fax machine does not exactly get your blood pumping, it is certainly something you should take seriously. Depending upon the specifics of your business, this machine may be used as frequently as just about any other piece of equipment in your office, outside of the computers and common areas.

For those ready to dive headfirst into the decision-making process, read on for a few pointers about choosing the right fax for your small business.

The Important Factors

With the ever-changing nature of the modern business, one could be forgiven for approaching fax machine shopping in the same way as choosing any other piece of office equipment. However, fax machines still represent a more traditional way of doing business, and your decision should be approached as such. You need to pick a machine that meets your needs now and one that is built to last.

There are the “affordable” fax machines out there that may cost less up-front, but these will generally require higher upkeep costs and most likely break down sooner rather than later. This includes both the very basic model fax machines and the home office copy/print/fax machines that you can pick up at your local Walmart. While these may be fine at home, most businesses that actually need a fax machine will need at least a good fax machine.

With that being said, another important factor to consider is usage. Think about the needs of your small business in terms of faxing, including how frequently the fax machine will be used, what type of documents will be transmitted, approximately how many pages per document and so on.

Also, think about who will be using the fax machine on a regular basis. If the majority of your employees will need to transmit fax documents every day, it is crucial to avoid an overly-complex machine with unnecessary bells and whistles. On the other hand, if one or two specialized employees will handle the majority of the fax duties, you can expect them to familiarize themselves with the machine enough to spring for additional features.

Behind Door Number Three

If your office deals largely with healthcare, legal industries, or other fields in which faxing is still a prevalent method of communication, it will be vital to invest in a good fax machine that is efficient, easy to use and built to last.

However, the truth is that most modern small business offices do not even require a fax machine anymore. Online fax has largely taken the place of the old office mainstay in many industries, as it offers all the same advantages of faxing (as well as some additional benefits) without the need for another expensive piece of equipment.

Which benefits?

  • E-signatures
  • Mobile apps
  • File sharing
  • Enhanced security
  • Storage

These are just a few listed from an online fax website homepage.

What Is Right for Your Business?

Whatever the needs of your company, there is a fax machine out there that will fit them. And even if there isn’t, there are a wide variety of online fax providers that can be utilized, many with customizable options to fit the needs of your small business.

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