Choosing an accessory can be even harder than choosing an outfit. Many times we are ready and something is missing. A nice bracelet, jacket or watch. A well-chosen accessory can change your entire look. Men’s fashion follows trends, as do women’s, and choosing the one that best fits our style is no simple task. There are many interesting watches to choose; Chopard watches, Rolex watches, Tag Heuer watches and so on. Get out of the basics, innovate for a date or show style in a work meeting. All of this could be directly linked to choosing a watch.

Therefore, we have separated below 5 unmissable tips on how to choose men’s watch without error.

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1. Choose the right watch for you

A watch can change an entire look. Always remember this. Just as women wear jewelry, scarves, bags and even glasses for a neater look, men can invest in good-brand accessories to show presence. A watch can be a starting point for conversation and certainly catches the eye of other stylish men as it is an essential jewel in the masculine look. A meeting, a handshake to close a deal or even time to sign a document.

2. Understand your style and be true to it

Stripped, social, day or night. To understand how to choose a men’s watch it is important to know your style of clothing and lifestyle. No more just following the trend and using something you don’t like. If your schedule is full of meetings and you wear a suit and blazer, the most social clocks are your thing. But if you work in a casual setting, in shorts or jeans, a leather or even rubber watch can be versatile and comfortable. Your style will dictate your purchase, not the other way around!

3. Evaluate your wardrobe

If you’re basic and your clothes tend to be black, white, navy, and gray, a colorful watch can add extra charm to your look. But if you like to innovate in different prints and tailoring cuts, a basic black watch may be better. Before choosing your watch, think about your wardrobe, because it will be a common accessory in your daily life and should match the clothes you already wear.

4. Evaluate model and color options

Knowing what your style is, remember to evaluate the models well. Men’s watches can be digital or analog. And that too must follow the pattern of the garment.

Models can be divided into sporting, casual, social and modern.

  • Sporting goods are worn with more casual clothes, such as a Sunday stroll.
  • Casuals can be used for work that does not require social clothing, a happy hour with office staff or an evening out.
  •  Social watches are perfect for those who wear suits or who need to show style at business meetings and social / corporate events.Another cool model to be your first purchase is the modern one. They tend to have the big box or bracelets in sober colors (such as black and brown), as well as matching daytime and evening looks.

5. Know that size matters

A watch that is too large or too large may not make a good impression. When the arm is thin and the watch is huge, it will emphasize physical fragility. The watch needs to emphasize the personality of man. A discreet person will match more with a small and simpler accessory. In the case of men who don’t mind showing presence, an alternative with high case and leather strap can impress.

Another important point is the weight. A sturdier metal watch tends to weigh on the wrist, unlike rubber or smaller options. Remember: the most important thing is to follow your own style and always look for the best model for you. Watches cannot be separated from modern life, as well as mobile apps provided by sites such as the Greatest think. They are part of life, therefore they must be chosen carefully.

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