The industry of accounting services is a $133 billion business and growing by nearly 3%. Having access to a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is essential to any business, no matter your size, goals, or needs.

If you can find the best business accountant available, you’ll be able to scale your company and keep track of your finances every step of the way. So, how can you find the right accountant for the job? We’re happy to provide some context.

These tips will help you find the best business accountant available for any of your needs.

Learn About Their Training and Education

How to find a good accountant

In order to become a certified accountant, your professional needs to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and pass their certified public accounting exam. They should hold a CPA license in your state to be able to legally practice and provide professional assistance.

When you’re vetting an accountant or a firm, find out which college they attended and any educational or professional accolades they’ve received. This should include any supplemental training or continued education (CE) credits they’ve completed.

Find Out Their Specialty

Accountants typically have specialties and areas of interest. Some accountants work with individuals or companies in general, while others work with certain industries.

Find out the type of business that your CPA specializes in. Some specialties include:

  • Working with pros in retail, tech, non-profits, or other areas of business
  • Providing accounting for small business owners
  • Government or education-based accounting

When possible, learn the names of companies that they have worked for and get references to learn how highly regarded they are in their field.

How to find a good accountant

Consider the Type of Business They Work for or Run

It bodes well for you when your CPA firm is run like a machine. Vet what kind of business they run and whether it’s a good fit for your company.

For instance, a small business might prefer to work with a local, mom-and-pop accounting company that understands small business ownership. A larger company might prefer business accounting that works remotely and that they can get access to in some form or fashion around the clock.

You should also learn what kinds of features they provide. For example, Propel CFO is CPA-led and offers strategic assistance. Some other companies may just need help with their taxes a few times per year.

Get to know what you need so that you find the best fit.

Ask Their Prices and Rates

Finally, the best accounting firm for your business will also fit your needs from a price standpoint. Book a consultation so you can explain your goals and needs.

Tax accountant

From there, you will come away with a list of rates, and a price quote suited to your business. Learn about your payment options and choose a plan that you can stick to for the next several months and beyond.

Find the Best Business Accountant

These tips will send you on the right track when you’re trying to find the best business accountant available. Leave no stone unturned so that you can take your company to the next level.

Rely on our website when you need any information to help with your business ownership needs.

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