Most people tend to suffer from anxiety before a dentist appointment. But if you don’t have a good relationship with your dentist, this anxiety could be detrimental and even crippling for your oral health.¬†

While diligent cleanliness is a great way to keep cavities at bay, brushing and flossing are simply not enough. Regular checkups with your dentist should be a yearly priority. 

Learn more on how to choose the right dentist for both your dental and overall health! 

Simple Tips on How to Choose the Right Dentist 

Did you know that regular dental checkups can actually help to prevent severe medical conditions such as diabetes, stroke, and heart disease? 

That’s right- your dental health is a strong indicator of what is going on with your overall health.¬†Here’s how to find the best dentist to suit your personal needs:¬†

1. Where to Find a Good Dentist 

One of the best ways to find a trusted dental health practitioner is through word-of-mouth and personal recommendation. Ask your co-workers, friends, and family for their best references. 

Otherwise, ask other professionals in related industries, such as your family doctor or local pharmacist. Members of the medical community tend to know each other well! 

If you’re relocating, you could also ask your current dentist for a recommendation in the new area you’re moving to. Finally, there’s also the American Dental Association¬†which lists every ADA dentist member for your reference.¬†

2. Basic Factors to Consider 

When it comes to choosing the best dentist who fits in with both your dental and lifestyle needs, you’ll need to start with the basics.¬†

Consider whether their practice is simple and convenient to reach from where you live. Look for convenient office hours as well as after-hours emergency services. 

Ensure that your new dentist is within your dental benefits network so that you’re not paying a fortune for dental work! And make sure they speak your language, too. If you struggle with dental anxiety, a language barrier could create an unsettling dental experience.¬†

3. Arrange a Meet and Greet 

In order to find the best dental practice that you’re completely comfortable with, a meet and greet is highly recommended. Don’t shy away from calling in at a dental office to meet the dentist in person as well as the support staff.¬†

You can simply schedule a consultation time with the dentist before making a formal dental appointment. Draw up a list of questions and don’t forget to carry your previous dental records with you.¬†

Some questions you may want to ask include: 

  • How does the practice handle out-of-hours dental emergencies?¬†
  • Is the practice part of your dental benefits plan and if not, what other financial payment plans do they offer?
  • Does the dentist provide dental health instruction in order to prevent dental health issues in the future?¬†

Remember that if you have any severe allergies to certain products make sure the dental practice is well aware of this beforehand. 

Finally, look around and take in the atmosphere of the practice. Is it welcoming, neat, tidy and modern? This should be high up on your priority list, too. 

Take Control of Your Health 

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Now that you’re armed with knowledge on how to choose the right dentist, learn how to kick the habit of smoking once and for all in this blog…¬†

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