4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Perfect Yoga Mat

Yoga has become a practice for many around the world. The mantra of “yoga chitta vritti nirodaha” describes how yoga can act as therapy for your mind.

With the increased popularity of yoga, more and more people are joining in this activity. There are many styles that one may try, but they can all be done on one type of yoga mat. For anyone who is interested in trying out yoga, it might be difficult to choose which mat suits you well since there are tons of choices available in different sizes and colors.

These key factors should help guide you when choosing the right mat

1) Size – Pick what works best for you!

There are mats designed specifically for small children and there are mats that can fit in a traditional yoga studio. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to these things. You should also consider the fact that some people don’t like having an extra room when they stretch out or require more space when performing specific poses such as Downward Dog.

2) Style – Because practice makes perfect!

Different styles of yoga call for different mats. If you’re into hot yoga, a cool mat may be able to cool you down while you sweat through your practice. This doesn’t apply only to cool-down mats, but also to Yoga Mats designed for yoga or other types of yoga where extra padding or cushioning is needed during certain types of poses.

3) Grip – Your yoga mat should keep your grip!

Once you start looking at yoga mats, the first thing that comes to mind is “sticky” and it should. It’s always best to practice on a mat that will allow for good traction and won’t slip as you stretch and bend into various poses. Some mats are designed with materials that can aid in gripping while others use popular textures such as micro-fiber suede or rubber.

4) Material – Is this something I want against my skin?

Even though some people choose not to wear clothes during their yoga sessions, many do prefer to have something between them and their Yoga Mat. This doesn’t mean having extra fabric using up the space of your mat, but there are mats made specifically to accommodate this need. These mats are generally thinner and sometimes come without textures or added materials.

Try looking for a cool yoga mat that has the cool features you want like size, material, texture, color, etc…In order to make your experience as cool as it should be!

Once properly moisturized, use either hands or brush to work into the hair just before doing any strenuous activity that works up a sweat (such as working out). Most people find that applying before cardio offers the best results. Once applied just wipe off with a towel after sweating. If using on bald heads or close to the hairline apply extra moisture so the product doesn’t dry out edges of the scalp during a workout. Product will not affect gym equipment in any way so don’t worry about getting it on your machines!

Our cool yoga mat is a great way to cool off and also prolong the life of your mat. You can expect your cool mat to last around 5 years with proper care and we do offer replacements for this product as well if needed later down the road. If you’ve never tried an essential oil before there’s no need to purchase anything extra unless you like the smell, but after using one or two times you will see how relaxing they can be as well as offering many health benefits such as fighting against bacteria found in sweaty areas.


The cool yoga mat was designed for those who wanted to cool off during their Yoga session so it’s not intended for men who shave their heads or women who prefer not to have that extra fabric or mat between their skin and the cool yoga mat. The cool yoga mats are great for everyone including bald men, women who prefer less material between them and their cool yoga mat as well as people with thinning edges!

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