Christian movies have found new audiences thanks to on-demand streaming services.

Did you know that three out of every four homes in America have at least one streaming provider?

Before you think all christian movies are ultra-religious, think again. Thanks to streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and others, audiences are learning to love Christan-leanding films.

We’ve created a list of nine Christian movies that are actually good. Get ready to fall in love with the power of Christian content.

Here are the guideline

1. The Mighty Macs

How does an all-women’s Christian school with no gymnasium, no real uniforms, and no recruiting opportunities become the top basketball team in the nation? It all starts with the right coach (Carla Gugino).

The Mighty Macs follows the true story of Immaculata College’s unlikely rise to prominence in the NCAA baskeball tournament. Fueled by a pack of Catholic nun boosters and fans, they find a way to enter the tournament and conquer all odds.

BEWARE: This film contains girl power, motivation, great basketball shots, and true basketball history.

2. Little Boy

Named after the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and the main character’s stature, Little Boy follows the faith of a young boy after his father (Michael Rappaport) enlists in the second world war in place of his son who cannot enlist based on his flat feet (David Henrie).

Given a list of tasks to perform by Father Oliver, he must learn to vanquish all hate in his heart to have the true faith that’s needed to bring his father home from war. It forges the most unlikely of friendships between Pepper and Hashimoto, a Japanese man who lives in the town at the height of anti-Japanese sentiment.

Little Boy must move mountains to ensure his father’s safe return from war.

BEWARE: this movie contains friendship, brotherhood, faith, and the connection between son and his father.

3. Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer follows the true story of Bethany Hamilton (Anna Sophia Robb) and her struggles to follow her dream of becoming a professional surfer after losing her arm in a tragic shark attack.

She finds the faith to get back on the board after joining her youth group on a mission trip to Thailand where she uses her gift of surfing to coax children scared of the water to swim. It gives her the power and faith to go for her dream.

BEWARE: this movie contains faith, awesome surfing shots, girl power, and motivation.

4. Greater

Greater is the story of one of the most unlikley heros. Brandon Burlesworth has one dream: to be an Arkasas Razorback. Called “Cheesecake” affectionately by his brother, he is told he is too short and too fat to play division-one football.

Driven by determination, sure will, and his faith he removes all obstacles to success. Greater is the true story of one man’s dream to achieve the impossible, and come out greater than he hoped.

BEWARE: this movie contains brotherly love, faith, motivation, and awesome football action shots.

5. The Ultimate Gift

When Jason Steven’s billionaire grandfather dies, he doesn’t expect to inherit anything from his estate. He still resents him because his father died still working for him.

When tasked with completing twelve “gifts” in a year in order to receive his inheritence, his world is suddenly turned upside down in order to receive The Ultimate Gift. Broke and destitute he makes an unlikely friend who changes his mind about everything that is important.

Emily (Abigail Breslin) is dying of leukemia, and helps Jason complete one of his tasks. Little does Jason know, she has a task all her own.

BEWARE: this movie includes tear-jerking moments, love, philanthropy, and transformation.

Bonus Movie

Looking for Christian movies to watch? Why not check out I Am Gabriel. Click the link to see the trailer.

Five Christian Movies That Are Actually Good (and one bonus film)

There you have it! This is our list of five Christian movies that are actually good. Get your streaming service ready and start binging.

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