Nip into any of the best online casinos on the net – and we’re thinking of betting sites like here – and you’ll notice one thing; they all come with an array of top promos and bonuses. Snapping up offers and deals is part and parcel of playing at the very best online casinos. However, you should always ensure that the deals you are claiming are fair. What are the most common and top casino promos you can claim online? Read on to learn more about top bonuses right here.

Top Online Casino Bonus

The Welcome Bonus


The welcome bonus is the quintessential casino offer. Almost all online casinos support them, and they vary in terms of what you can claim. Some of these bonuses are worth cash matches. Others are worth free spins. There are also bonuses that are worth both. You can typically claim these when you deposit into your casino account. However, they are typically only available for first-time players. Casino welcome bonuses may span your first deposit or your first several. In the case of the latter, they are known as welcome packages.

The Reload Bonus

In effect, the reload bonus (also known as the redeposit bonus) is no different from a welcome bonus. It works in exactly the same way – offering cash, cash, and spins, or just free spins to depositing players at a casino. However, this is not a welcome bonus. It is an offer that is available around the clock for already existing players at online casinos.

The Loyalty Bonus

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The loyalty bonus isn’t one particular deal – it may span many. Casinos normally have a loyalty club or a VIP program. Here, you can often earn points when you gamble on games, and you can use those points to climb tiers or redeem bonus funds. Each tier has an array of offers for you. In short, a loyalty bonus is any promotion offered to regular gamblers as a way of saying “thanks” by the casino. They may include free spins, cash bonuses, cash back, or anything in-between.

The Special Offer

There is no one-size-fits-all deal for special offers. They are often calendar or time-based. In short, they can be free spins, cash bonuses or anything else. They will have clearly defined start and end dates and a list of criteria that must be met for you to join or claim the offer. Special offers do not last long, so if you see one that you like the look of, you must move fast to claim it.

The Tournament

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Finally, we have casino tournaments. These competitions are usually centered on slots but can also involve RNG table games and even live dealer titles. The basic notion here is that you are competing against other players, earning points by betting or winning. At the end of the promotional period, you will be awarded a prize if you finish high enough up the leaderboard.

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