Did you know that marriage rates are at a historic low with only 6.5 marriages for every 1,000 people each year?

As people slow down their relationships and place more value on their self-worth, the smaller amount of marriages have a higher chance of being a success. Even with divorce rates dropping with marriage rates, plenty of people still find themselves in troubling marriage problems.

While no couple is perfect, how can anyone tell when it’s time to say goodbye to their partner? Keep reading for 6 clear signs your marriage is over so you can gain clarity.

1. You Fight About the Same Things

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Disagreements are normal, but happy couples are able to talk with love and respect until they find a solution. Going in circles or fighting dirty all the time shows that you can’t communicate as a team.

If you’re thinking about getting divorced, then it’s essential to hire a divorce lawyer who can help you avoid more unproductive fights.

2. Trust Has Been Broken Beyond Repair

A cheating spouse is another common reason why marriages end. If your partner has done anything that makes you feel like you can never trust them again, then you deserve to be with somebody else who honors your relationship.

3. You Don’t Agree on Values

Whether it’s politics, religion, finances, parenting, or other big issues, having common ground can preserve harmony. Staying with someone who disagrees with you on topics that define the core of your being will likely lead to lots of pain.

4. You’ve Grown Apart Instead of Together

People are meant to evolve over the years as they experience new things and learn more about the world. Couples who get married at a young age face a higher risk of growing apart instead of together.

5. Couples Counseling Hasn’t Healed the Relationship

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There’s a common misconception that couples counseling is a last-ditch effort to save a marriage. In reality, even happy partners can benefit from having a safe space to reflect and heal.

If you’ve tried getting professional help and you’re not making progress or you’ve had an epiphany that the relationship won’t work, then it’s time to leave.

6. Your Partner Is Abusive

Your Partner Is Abusive

Abuse can come in many different forms, so it’s not always clear if there are any red flags in your relationship until you’re in too deep. If your partner hurts you physically, emotionally, or mentally in any way, then you need to find safety and get out of that marriage.

Now You Know the Top Signs Your Marriage Is Over

Ending a marriage is rarely an easy decision. Taking the time to learn about the most common signs your marriage is over can help you find peace and make the best decision for your future and happiness.

Having a fulfilling relationship is only one element of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you want to start prioritizing your well-being more, then click around our blog so you can find more expert advice.