Colorado cantaloupe Owners Charged To Sell Food Poisoning Outbreak


Colorado cantaloupe Farm owners charged $1.5m Fine for providing Food Poisoning Outbreak, which cause sudden death of 33 persons and feeble condition of 147 people.

In Details:
Eric and Ryan a farm owners blamed to sell melon with adequately wash of the melons which can terrible accidents in users.

By eating those melons 33 people killed due to the food poisoning and 147 falls for server sickness by eating these melons.

The U.S Food & Drugs Administration investigate the root of the incident and they found the reason and they insulted them both owners by stated as

β€œThey bear a special responsibility to ensure that the food they produce and sell is not dangerous to the public. Where they fail to live up to that responsibility, and as these charges demonstrate, this office and the Food and Drug Administration have a responsibility to act forcefully to enforce the law”

According to Law & Order they both brother charged with $1.5m and 6 years in prison. and later they come out on bail in December.

Food poison was caused due to Listeria which is bacteria and cause possible infection in stomach.They both have not used Chlorine Spray for killing this bacteria , which cause server problems for the customers.

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