BMW is famed for producing luxurious vehicles that handle like a dream. These luxury vehicles are at the top of the list for many car enthusiasts, from SUVs and crossovers to sports couples and sedans. BMW’s success is evident by the fact that it sold more than 332,000 vehicles in the United States of America in 2022.

Buying a new BMW is an excellent idea since you enjoy the top-notch performance, luxury features and amenities, and extensive warranty coverage. A used BMW is a worthy investment, but you need to be wary of the potential BMW issues you’ll face with maintenance and repairs.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning all about BMW engine issues and transmission repairs to prepare for during the life of your ownership. Keep reading to learn more today!

Variable Valve Timing Rattle


Variable valve timing is an incredible technology when it comes to engine management. You’ll enjoy greater power from your engine when equipped with this performance technology. Add the improved gas mileage, and you’ll love your new Beemer.

You’ll face one significant drawback to this technology if you’re the proud owner of a used BMW. The variable valve timing rattle will strike fear and sadness into your heart the first time you hear it. The valves require oil to continue functioning as designed, and the plethora of moving parts produces a sound similar to a rattle.

Getting your scheduled maintenance is the best way to prevent engine repairs related to your valve timing. Even with scheduled maintenance, you have a high likelihood of experiencing this issue. Expect to pay between a few hundred dollars to $800 when facing VVT engine issues.

Problematic Ignition Coils

When you start experiencing issues with your BMW engine, the car will feel different. Most BMW issues result in sluggish power delivery and a lit-up check engine light. A significant reason behind the BMW issues many owners face is the failing ignition coils.

Poor ignition coils will sap your car’s power and disappoint you with the engine’s performance. Getting your vehicle serviced regularly is the best way to catch this issue before you need expensive engine repairs. A failure to address this issue early on results in serious engine problems that will harm your bank account.

The overall engine systems will suffer from faulty coils. You’ll also face inconveniences in daily life since your favorite car will spend more time in the shop. Get your ignition coils fixed as soon as possible.

Faulty Cooling Systems

The cooling system is another essential part of each BMW engine. Engines face catastrophic failures if they overheat, and a faulty cooling system will struggle to keep your engine at a safe temperature. The best-case scenario is ending up stranded on the side of the freeway because of engine issues.

The BMW coolant system uses several parts to keep the moving components in the engine at optimal temperatures. The odds are that one of these parts will fail after your engine hits 80,000 miles. The engine repairs you’ll need after a failed cooling system could cost thousands of dollars.

Getting scheduled maintenance is the best way to combat a failing cooling system in your BMW. Your cooling system maintenance will keep other components from failing and keep your ride on the road for years.

Electric Window Issues

Nothing is worse as a BMW owner than running into issues with your electric windows. If you’re lucky, your electric windows will get stuck in the closed position. The likely outcome is an electric window that gets stuck open, and Murphy’s Law states that this will happen during a massive rainstorm.

Facing issues with the BMW engine is one thing, but you need to watch how your car’s windows are operating closely. Not only do you need to worry about your comfort with broken windows, but you also need to consider your security. An open window makes it easy for anyone to steal your belongings or attempt to take your BMW.

Failure to close your window securely will make it easy for a would-be thief to make off with your favorite sunglasses. It doesn’t help that BMWs have a reputation as one of the most stolen cars in the world. Schedule an appointment with your local mechanic to fix your electric window issues before someone takes your car.

Internal Heating

Another issue you could encounter with comfort in your BMW is the heater. The BMW’s heating core is located next to the engine cooling system, so it’s no surprise that both could run into problems during your ownership. You can use issues with the internal heating as clues about the state of your engine’s cooling system.

Look for excessive volumes of heat coming from your car’s heater or a total lack of heat as signs that the component is failing. Another sign that you’re on the brink of heater issues is a sweet odor from the vents. This smell is a sure sign of the coolant system leaking.

Take your car to get engine repairs when you smell this odor. Waiting too long could have massive consequences for your BMW issues. The leaking fluids will work their way into the heating core and cause it to fail.

Leaky Oil Filter Gasket

An engine without oil is a disaster waiting to happen. The bad news for BMW owners is that leaky oil filter gaskets are a common issue to look out for. The gasket connects your engine’s oil filter to the parts in the engine that need oil to move smoothly.

A lack of oil results in higher levels of wear and tear on BMW engine components. You face a higher risk of engine issues and repairs if your engine’s valves and cylinders aren’t getting the right levels of oil while running.

A problem with BMW engines is the gasket getting weak and failing after thousands of miles. Taking your BMW for scheduled maintenance is the best way to catch this issue early on. It’s an inexpensive repair if the damage is discovered before it can spread.


Waiting too long to get your engine issues resolved results in getting a new oil filter gasket along with an engine rebuild. Don’t risk totaling your favorite luxury vehicle by waiting too long to get your BMW engine looked at by a professional technician.

Broken Door Handles

Door handles don’t often come to mind when vehicle maintenance is brought up. An under-the-radar BMW issue to look out for is loose door handles on your favorite ride. The vehicle that faces the most scrutiny for this issue is the best-selling BMW SUV, the BMW X5.

The primary issue with the door handles occurs on both the passenger and driver sides of the vehicle. Passengers lift the door handles to open the doors and enter the vehicle, but nothing happens, and the doors remain shut. It’s a massive pain if you’re in a hurry and must get in your BMW.

The worst part of these BMW issues is the fix required to resolve this pesky issue. You’ll need to replace the entire opening and locking components. They’re located deep within each door, and you’ll need to find a specialist with the skills and tools to handle the job.

Problematic Electronics

A major drawback of many modern cars is the reliance on electrical components to use luxury features. It only takes one issue within the electrical circuitry to send everything into a frenzy. The failing electronic windows aren’t the only electronic feature you should worry about when you start looking at BMW issues.

Each BMW vehicle comes equipped with a fuse box that allows different electronic features to operate. This is the first place you should look if you discover that your vehicle is having issues with different electronic systems.

It’s possible that a replacement fuse will resolve your BMW’s electrical issues. Remember that more than 300,000 BMW vehicles have faced recalls in the UK over electrical issues as recently as 2018. It’s best to schedule your bmw dme repair when you identify issues with your car’s system.

Fuel Pump Issues

The fuel pump is another area in BMW engines where you don’t want to face issues. Many of the most popular BMW vehicles on the market run into failing fuel pumps, resulting in poor performance and slow acceleration. Some issues are serious enough to prevent the engine from turning over at all.

Each BMW engine has two fuel pumps that deliver fuel to the engine for combustion. The low-pressure fuel pump takes fuel out of the tank, while the high-pressure pump delivers it to the engine’s components for combustion.

A failing high-pressure pump needs to be replaced as soon as you notice a problem. It’s an inexpensive fix if your BMW engine still has warranty coverage. You’ll pay out the nose if your BMW issues with the fuel pump fall outside your coverage.

Wheel Corrosion

The wheels on your Beemer are another area of concern when it comes to common BMW issues. The wheels on these vehicles add some serious style, making your BMW stand out from the less luxurious vehicles on the road. The downside to these alloys is the fact that they’re more stylish than they are functional.

Many BMW owners report issues with the alloy wheels corroding after exposure to the elements. The corroding process doesn’t take much time to start, so you need to keep a watchful eye on your wheels to prevent extensive damage. Keeping your BMW in the garage will provide greater protection from corrosion issues, but that alone won’t stop them.

Not only will your wheels look rough, but your car’s performance will also take a hit. You can always spend more money to get replacement wheels from BMW, but you’re better off taking the aftermarket route to get wheels that will hold up over time.

Dead Battery

BMW issues also extend to the battery that helps the engine start and run. If you haven’t noticed yet, many BMW issues tie into the electrical system, so it’s risky purchasing a used BMW if you don’t have the maintenance records from its past. Dead batteries are an issue to look out for, and it’s best to keep some jumper cables in the trunk just in case.

The first sign you’ll see that your battery is dead is a failure to unlock your car when trying to enter. The central locking system for these vehicles runs off the primary battery, so you could get locked out of your car if the battery dies.

2019 BMW 2 Series

The manual key will grant you access in the event your battery dies, but failure to have that key will leave you stranded. The good news is that BMW engines are easy to jump, as long as you have jumper cables with you. Hook your battery up to another car, and you’ll be good to go.

Automatic Headlight Issues

The headlights on modern BMW vehicles look stunning and luxurious. They also face a number of issues that are expensive to fix if your BMW is out of warranty coverage. The headlights in new BMWs determine when it’s dark enough to require headlights, so you don’t have to.

The problem happens when the headlights stay on when they’re no longer needed. It drains the battery and results in the dead battery issue mentioned earlier in this article. Get the BMW issues with your automatic headlights resolved to prevent major inconveniences during your ownership.

Avoid These BMW Issues During Your Car Ownership

Many people choose to avoid buying used BMW vehicles because they face BMW issues that are expensive to fix if the car is out of warranty coverage. Issues with the oil gasket and the coolant system could result in catastrophic engine failure for your BMW engine and cost you tons of money. You should also monitor the electrical system to keep the windows and battery intact.

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