If you have lost a loved one but are not sure if it counts as wrongful death, read on…

Wrongful deaths are difficult to deal with on so many different levels. There is an overwhelming sense of grief, but that pain is coupled with an unbearable sense of betrayal. Wrongdoing on someone else’s part that causes death needs to be accounted for, and that is why you need a great wrongful death lawyer near you.

The wrongful death lawyers at Johnston Law Firm, a law firm based in Portland, Oregon, see this type of case time after time. Below, we have detailed some of the most common wrongful death cases that keep happening, over and over.

The 5 Most Common Causes of a Wrongful Death in America

We have listed the five things we see every day in our careers as wrongful death attorneys.

1 – Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Without a shadow of a doubt, car accidents are the biggest reason for wrongful deaths in the state of Oregon – and any other state, for that matter. In 2018 alone, there were over 33,000 wrongful deaths from car accidents that could have otherwise been avoided. If you have lost a loved one due to a car accident where they were not found to be at fault, you have the right to file a claim for wrongful death.

2 – Pedestrian Accidents

Being injured by a car while you are out walking is the next most common cause of wrongful death in the USA. With so many speeders on the roads, driver distractions and driver impairment are the chief causes of pedestrian accidents in America. You are entitled to claim as the family member or loved one of a person killed by a car where the driver was at fault. There are different rules if the driver could not possibly have missed the victim and they are found not at fault.

3 – Medical Misfortune

Medical Misfortune

A combination of medical malpractice and medical negligence takes the third hotspot for reasons for wrongful death in the US. If you lose someone because of how they are treated whilst in the care of medical professionals, you may wish to hire a personal injury lawyer to investigate the matter further. A lawyer’s investigation should show who – if anyone – was at fault. If the medical professionals are found to be to blame, you are entitled to a lawsuit.

4 – Trip or Fall

trip or fall

According to the CDC, there are approximately 40,000 deaths by accidentally falling in the USA, every year. This statistic makes you technically more likely to die from falling than you are from being in a motor accident. Deaths per 100k for tripping up are 12.0, while deaths from motor vehicle collisions are 11.5.

5 – Unintentional Poisoning

As a completely unexpected outsider, that same CDC report details that 20 USA adults out of every 100k die from unintentional poisoning. Whether this is from poisoned water or from some other means, Americans who are poisoned by a company are liable to sue for damages.

Claiming Compensation for Wrongful Deaths

If someone you love dies and it is not your fault, you have the right to claim compensation. Arm yourself with the best lawyer for you and set out for justice.