Every week, 4 people are killed by an at-home electrocution.

As a homeowner, you should look for ways to mitigate this hazard. The idea is to adopt the right home electrical safety tips. The goal is to learn the right way to use electricity and electrical appliances.

So, avoid DIY home electrical projects and learn when to hire an electrician.

To help you out, here are three common electrical emergencies and how to handle them.

1. Electrical Shocks

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An electrical shock/electrocution happens when an electric current passes from a live outlet to your body. Electrical shocks can be fatal as they can lead to severe injuries or even death. You need to learn things that cause electrical shocks to mitigate this risk.

Here are some of the most common causes of electrocution:

  • Faulty household wiring
  • Faulty electrical appliances
  • Damaged extension cords
  • Faulty switch/outlet
  • Mishandling electricity
  • Faulty DIY electrical projects

To prevent electric shocks, learn how to manage the above risks. Know when to seek emergency electrical services from a reputable company. You can visit us to find out more about the range of electrical services we offer.

2. Electrical Fires

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Electrical fires are caused by faulty wiring, overloading, or when flammable items are placed near a light bulb. These fires can be catastrophic as they can burn down the entire building.

Here are practical ways to prevent electrical fires in your home:

  • Hire an electrician to inspect your electrical wiring
  • Replace old/faulty household wiring
  • Avoid overloading your home’s electrical outlets
  • Use surge protectors

Unfortunately, despite doing all these things an electrical fire might still erupt. If this happens don’t try to put out this fire using water as this will only make things worse.

In case of an electrical fire, first cut off the electricity. Next, use a fire extinguisher or sodium bicarbonate to put out the electrical fire. If you’re unable to put out this fire yourself, call for emergency services.

3. Power Outages

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Heavy storms and earthquakes are the leading causes of fallen power lines and power outages. A power outage will lead to instant darkness around your house. Also, there’s a high risk of a power surge when the electricity comes back.

So, during a power outage turn off the main electricity switch. Also, unplug all electrical appliances to prevent electric fires. The idea is to only turn back on the electricity when you’re sure everything has been fixed.

Learn to Handle Common Electrical Emergencies to Enhance Safety

To improve your home’s safety, learn to manage the above electrical emergencies. Avoid undertaking any major home electrical projects yourself: instead, hire an electrician. You want a trained professional to oversee these projects to enhance safety.

Next, learn things that cause electrical fires and how to manage this risk. Finally, turn off the main electricity switch during a power outage. The goal is to prevent a power surge when the electricity comes back.

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