It’s no surprise if you’re searching for a managed services partner. It’s not always possible for organizations to hire an in-house IT team. Because of that, an estimated 60% of companies will use managed IT services by 2025.

The question is, are you going to be able to get all the benefits of IT outsourcing if you don’t know the common problems? Below are five common mistakes in IT outsourcing you need to avoid.

1. Only Focusing on Cost

IT outsourcing services

Your IT outsourcing budget is essential, but you must also consider the quality of what you pay. It’s tempting to pay for the bare minimum. But you also suffer from poor support if you pick the wrong company.

If you can try, attempt to find an IT company that offers enough value for what they charge. Given your IT department’s importance, you don’t want poor support and productivity loss because of downtime.

2. Skipping Other Services

There’s more to IT than regular computer troubleshooting. You need to manage your internal network, secure your network against online threats, and much more. The problem is that you won’t get those services if you don’t know where to look.

Be sure to research the number of services your company needs in your search for a managed IT company. Check for common IT services and determine which will benefit your business.

3. Pick Good Service Hours


Another issue that people make a mistake on is hours when managing IT projects. Yes, they get an IT company available during regular business hours. But what happens if you have people working after-hours and something breaks?

You won’t have anything getting done until your IT team works again if you don’t have around-the-clock support. Check to see when your support hours from your IT company are to ensure they work on your team’s schedule.

4. Not Staying Local

It’s tempting to work with a remote IT provider. Some of them offer lower prices since they can handle everything remotely. But what happens if the device having problems doesn’t have internet access?

Without a local provider, getting the help you need is hard. Work with someone local, like a Los Angeles managed service provider, to be sure someone can always come on-site when something more serious happens.

5. Failing to Get Training

It’s not enough to have all the tech tools your business needs. Some products your IT company installs will be complex. The chances are good that you have team members who won’t be able to learn those tools.

IT Outsourcing

That’s why it’s critical to get training for your team. Be sure your IT provider is available to train your team on using the tools they have.

Avoid the Common Mistakes in IT Outsourcing

You’re making a big decision when you outsource common IT issues. You’re hoping the company you hire has the right talent and can get back to you when you have problems.

Unfortunately, many common mistakes in IT outsourcing result in companies hiring the wrong partners. Remember the problems above to streamline your IT outsourcing process and find the right managed IT company.

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