In the United States alone, millions of drivers are unable to secure auto insurance due to poor driving records. Things like drunk driving convictions and traffic violations affect your driving record. And they reduce your eligibility to become insured.

Fortunately, if you do wind up in this unfortunate situation, there’s a solution out there called SR22 insurance. But what is sr22 insurance? This type of policy ensures that you can get back to normal, legally driving a vehicle.

But what’s the real deal behind the common SR22 insurance myths? Read on to learn all about it.

SR22 Insurance Is Expensive

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It is true that premiums for SR22 insurance may be slightly more expensive. But it is a misconception that all SR22 policies are significantly more expensive. In many cases, SR22 insurance is not much more expensive than typical auto insurance premiums.

Compared to the fines and fees that could result from driving without SR22, the cost of the coverage may actually be small in the grand scheme. Additionally, many states offer discounts for low-risk drivers that can reduce insurance costs.

SR22s Only Apply to DUIs

This is completely false. SR22 insurance is a form of financial responsibility, and it extends well beyond just DUIs. It is commonly used to prove a person’s financial stability during periods of high-risk operation.

You can also use it if you have a suspended license or revoked one for a variety of reasons. This includes but is not limited to too many moving violations, unpaid traffic tickets, or non-renewal.

SR22 Requires a Different License

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SR22 is simply proof of financial responsibility and allows you to keep or reinstate your vehicle insurance. It is simply a wise financial decision that doesn’t require a change in your license type.

Make sure to contact a specialist in order to find the best verified non-owner SR22 insurance. When selecting a company, ensure that they are both experienced and licensed in your state. This will ensure that you’re receiving the best services and coverage.

Remember that SR22 does not require a different license. And it is strictly a financial responsibility document. Taking the time to obtain the correct coverage to fit your needs will allow you to remain protected.

There Are Additional Fees

Although SR22 insurance may require a higher premium, there are no extra fees as part of the policy. There are certain fees associated with obtaining an SR22 form, but this is solely a filing fee required by the state.

It is separate from the insurance policy itself.

Covers Are More Than Basic Automobile Liability

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SR22 insurance only covers the minimum limits of protection required by law and cannot be used to increase coverage. In addition, getting an SR22 does not guarantee that your car insurance costs will increase.

The policy will determine the final cost, and factors such as credit history and driving record will influence the premium.

Don’t Be Fooled by These SR22 Myths

SR22 insurance is not as intimidating or expensive as commonly thought. Not only is it not a type of insurance, but costs and requirements may vary.

Just remember that planning ahead and being prepared can enable you to find the best SR22 insurance quotes and deals. It will allow you to get the coverage they need. To learn more, find an SR22 specialist to help you meet your specific needs.

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