3 Common Pains And How To Deal With Them

Nobody enjoys dealing with aches and pains, but it’s something that most people will experience at some point in their lives. Whether they come in the form of pounding headaches or sore feet, it’s important to know what you can do to reduce common pains. And just how bad is it? Can you fix it yourself, or do you need to book a visit to the doctor? Here are some common pains people experience and how you can minimize their symptoms.


Headaches occur for any number of reasons: staring at screens for long periods of time, prolonged exposure to heat, stress, dehydration, or even an underlying medical condition. We all get them from time to time, but if they are a frequent enemy of yours then you might want to start fighting back. Try taking mild pain medication like aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce some of the effects, then drink a glass or two of water and lie down in a dark room until it passes. You can also press a cold or lukewarm washcloth on your neck or forehead to further ease the throbbing. Also, try massaging your forehead or temples to draw out some of the pain. If your headache progresses to migraines, you should contact your healthcare provider.

Aching Feet

If you’re on your feet a good portion of the day, you’re bound to suffer from occasionally sore feet. It could be your heels, your toes, or the balls of your feet, but the pain is unpleasant all the same. Many people attempt to lessen the aching in their feet by letting them sit in ice water. This can be uncomfortable, but it also helps to reduce swelling and wash away any lingering aches. Your choice of footwear might also have something to do with your problem. Narrow shoes or boots can cause discomfort, rubbing, and lead to more severe conditions, such as bunions or blisters, so consider purchasing a new and more comfortable pair of sneakers. Your old friend “aspirin” can help out here, too, but most likely won’t provide a permanent solution. If you’ve developed bunions visit to learn more about curing them. You can also try stretching your feet and toes, as well as elevating them with a pillow as you sleep.

Neck/Back Pain

The older we get the greater likelihood of experiencing a form of back or neck pain. This could be due to muscle strain, heavy lifting, sitting at a desk, or excessive standing. Regardless, there are remedies to help alleviate the pain, such as cold or ice packs placed on the direct area of discomfort to reduce inflammation, as well as heating pads that soothe long-term aches. Other aids include over-the-counter pain relievers, posture correctors, stretching, and rest. You might even want to visit a chiropractor or get a massage to work out any knots.

These Are Three Common Pains

These aches and are common pains amongst people of all ages and can vary from minor annoyances to teeth grinding pains. Do what you can to take care of yourself and stay healthy, but if your pain is severe enough or continues to persist, it is highly recommended that you consult a medical professional.

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