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12 Reasons it’s Better for your Company to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

When you set up your own company, the last thing that may be on your mind is who you hire to clean your offices. It’s just something that you later learn is quite important. Often times when this is brought up, business owners may question their knowledge of what they know about such services, and wonder what it is that makes a professional cleaning service.

For starters, you would be hiring a company, much like yours, and would be scheduling frequent appointments with them. You’re not hiring a person or a group of people that do the cleaning for you. You’re hiring experts that have been trained to keep offices pristine clean. When you hire janitors as employees, you’re not just paying more, you’re getting less. Cleaning companies provide their staff with the right tools that will polish every nook and cranny in your office, and won’t just dust surfaces and call it a day. Once you hire a professional cleaning service, you’ll see the difference for yourself.

Without further ado, here’s why you should always opt for cleaning professionals for your business. 

Theft protection 

Aside from being much more efficient at cleaning your offices than an in-house cleaning team, you won’t have to worry about theft if your company has any valuables, and almost every company does. Other than petty cash that some of your employees may have access to, you likely have offices filled with high-tech electronics and the latest hardware. When you hire someone yourself, you never know how they’ll handle your electronics or if they’ll try to access any valuables, seeing as most cleaning teams work at night time to avoid distracting your employees. You’d then have to hire additional security, which can be a hassle and would cost you quite a bit. With professional cleaning services, you’ll never have to worry about theft. Anything which is damaged or missing after the cleaning service team visit can be reported. You’ll immediately be compensated in this case, but this rarely ever happens. 

Deep cleaning 

In-house janitors might take care of surface cleaning, but with time, you’ll notice how the office furniture is slowly losing its luster. This is not because of frequent use, as much as it’s because such furniture needs proper cleaning. Using an all-purpose cleaner on all materials is one way to cut your furniture’s lifespan in half. Professional cleaning services will deep clean your office, while also making sure to use the right tools and supplies that are gentle as well as effective on furniture. That said, deep cleaning often includes window polishing as well, which can be a very tricky job and rarely ever perfected by in-house cleaning employees. However, if your business is located on the top floor, you might want to leave the window cleaning job to professionals who specialize in just this service. Smudgy windows can leave a negative impression on clients, while they give the space a refreshing atmosphere when they’re properly polished. 

Fabric care

You likely have some sort of fabric in your office, from sofas and chairs in waiting rooms, carpets and curtains. In-house employees will vacuum your floors, but that’s possibly as far as they’ll go. This is because a company’s cleaning team will only make use of what’s provided for them, and it can be very expensive to purchase all the needed cleaning supplies and tools for a cleaning team, because they’re just too many. This is where hiring a professional cleaning service comes handy. Their team is specialized, and they’re provided with the latest high-tech tools that help them make your office sparkling clean, and this includes keeping your waiting room furniture free of dust and debris.

Keeping any fabric seaters as clean as possible is extremely essential, as neglect may infest your office furniture. Even the leather furniture is prone to damage by bed bugs. Carpets and rugs, on the other hand, can be infested by carpet beetles and other bugs. This is especially important when it comes to areas with a lot of traffic. Only a professional cleaning service will know how to disinfect and clean your fabrics and office furniture. 


If you want a productive team, you’d want to keep distractions at bay. When you think about what may distract your employees, you may think of smart devices, or how some employees may socialize more often than they should. But in many cases, employees in crowded offices can become uncomfortable from their surroundings, and many of them can develop allergies.

Independent janitors may use cleaning supplies as well as techniques that trigger allergies. Some detergents can emit caustic fumes, which last for days after use. On the other hand, if you hire someone to clean on the spot, dusting surfaces, while your employees are present in the office may cause mite allergy, which can be extremely uncomfortable as it causes symptoms similar to asthma. Such allergies can be severe and can cause difficulty in breathing as well as wheezing.

And of course, it’s not just your employees you should be worried about, unless your cleaning team will clean everyone’s office but yours. You’re likely to suffer the same uncomfortable symptoms, which can be infuriating as many people mistakenly these symptoms as signs of illness rather than allergies. 

First Impression 

Whatever services that your company offers, you likely get plenty of clients visiting your workplace frequently. Imagine inviting over a client, who comes with a team, and their first impression is how unkempt your company looks, or how dust bunnies are collected in some corners. Even if your office is generally tidy and clean, clients will probably be able to tell if you’re keen on hiring professionals or not. Sometimes, it’s the little details that stand out, such as the scent of detergents used. That said, many cleaning professionals will also offer their own set of air fresheners and fragrances until their next scheduled visit, which keeps the office smelling as though it was freshly cleaned. This will leave your clients feeling comfortable, and they will possibly be more open to discussing business with you. 

Storage space 

Although you may think that it would be uncommon in the workplace for clutter to affect how much space you have, professional cleaning services prove that wrong. Of course, nothing will be thrown away without your consent, but you will likely receive advice on how you could relocate some office furniture in order to maintain cleanliness. For instance, cleaning professionals may advise you to move waiting room chairs away from any windows to minimize the amount of dust that the fabric is exposed to. They may advise you to get rid of old carpeting, which can give the office a dull look. On the other hand, they may also advise you to relocate desks in such a way that would provide employees with better ventilation, and make the space appear cleaner, seeing as crowded spaces give the impression of untidiness.   

Fewer sick days 

For employees, the most common source of infectious diseases is the workplace, primarily when there’s little ventilation, and when employees are seated in the closely-placed cubicles. When you hire a professional cleaning service, the first thing you’ll notice is how employees are generally more comfortable. They might not consciously know why, but it’s because they’re exposed to a healthy environment that does not take a toll on their health when they’re present. That said, if one employee gets sick, offices may easily become contaminated with germs. Professional cleaning services make sure to disinfect surfaces and other items that you and your employees may need to handle.


Of course, because your employees are going to feel healthier in the workplace, they won’t just ask for less sick days. They’ll also be more productive while they’re present in the office. An untidy workplace gives employees the feeling that they need to get up and get some fresh air. Others may want to find an excuse for a smoking break more often than they usually would because they need to change their scenery. This becomes far less common when an office is as clean as can be. Professional cleaning services will make sure to advise you on what can be done to make sure that your staff is not affected by allergies and common illnesses. And aside from what directly affects the health of your employees, they will notice the difference in general cleanliness and it’s likely to make them feel more productive. 


It’s always the small details that make a difference in appearance and atmosphere. Your local janitors may use detergents and old rags that don’t necessarily make your office smell pleasant. And the problem is usually that employers don’t know any better because they have never experienced the professionalism of a cleaning service. Professional cleaning teams use optimal tools and detergents, some of which are scented, to give your office a valuable feel. You may think that the kind of office furniture you have is what determines just how fancy your workplace feels, but it’s much simpler than that. A little fabric steaming and air freshening with professional items gives your office a pristine as well as a valuable atmosphere. This will make you feel like you’ve taken your workplace to a whole new level. Even the lowest budget projects will feel like a corporate if you hire a professional cleaning service.

Cost efficiency 

Depending on who you hire to clean your company, they’re much more affordable than an in-house cleaning team, especially in the long run. In fact, it’s more indirectly cost-efficient. You may think that paying a professional team to clean your workplace a couple of times a week will cost the same as hiring full-time janitors. Perhaps, initially, that may be true. However, a professional cleaning team will use the right products and detergents to clean your surfaces.

For instance, wooden surfaces require special care and cleaning agents, otherwise, they may corrode. An in-house cleaning team pays no heed to such concerns, possibly because they’re not certified or trained. So while it may initially cost the same to hire a professional cleaning service, you’ll spend much less on renovating your office because it will be kept clean the right way.  

Less hassle 

Other than how clean and tidy your workplace will be, think about how much easier for you to hire a professional company. You’ll be saving yourself the hassle of having someone interview more employees, and you won’t have to worry about replacing anyone who suddenly resigned without notice. All of this can be avoided if you let a professional cleaning company do the work for you. They’ll always show up whenever you schedule with them. They’ll keep your place pristine clean, and they’ll give you a bang for your buck. 

Employee morale 

When your staff sees how professional their appearance of the workplace is, this will make them feel like they should dress more appropriately. A crowded office with clutter everywhere is more likely to make employees inclined to dress casually. If you’re not big on dress-codes, the simplest way to compel your employees to dress more neatly is to keep their surroundings as neat and tidy as you want them to look. New employees, especially, will feel the need to match the professional appearance of the workplace, and will generally take their jobs more seriously. On the other hand, if you skip professional cleaning, you may have to encounter less serious employees most often. Because if an employee’s superior doesn’t spend much effort on keeping the offices in good condition, then they’re unlikely to do that, either. 

Hiring a cleaning service is much more convenient than having an in-house cleaning team. Certified professionals know how to polish and care for your office furniture without damaging it, and will leave your workplace feeling good as new.  You may also pair a part-time cleaning team with a professional cleaning service, in the event that you prefer on-spot cleaning teams. However, cleaning services will always give your office a much more professional feel than any in-house employees could.

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