Whether we know it or not, we consume energy everyday in various applications, in cleaning, cooking, laundry, audiovisual entertainment, lighting, just to mention a few. Energy is an element we can’t do without. In the UK alone, an average household consumes about 3700 kWh per annum. However, this figure varies from one household to another, and it is dependent on the individual consumption of energy, be it electricity or gas, and the tariff. If you are a heavy energy consumer, your tariff may be higher than an average homeowner. Before you get a new energy provider, review your energy consumption rate and find ways to curb it to the barest minimum. Many homes are already joining the “go-green” bandwagon, as it helps save cost and improve the ecosystem.

Switching Energy Supplier

In the UK, there are the Big Six energy providers, namely SSE, npower, EDF Energy, British Gas, ScottishPower, and E.ON UK. There have been several controversies surrounding these providers, as they have been accused of unnecessarily hiking energy tariffs, simultaneously. Many people find this plausible as these Big Six energy firms are the major distributors of gas and electricity all over the UK. For this reason, many homeowners now turn to smaller energy suppliers for their needs.

Why Should I Switch Energy Supplier?

Many homeowners are stuck with their current energy providers, especially those under the Big Six firms, as they feel that it is complicated to migrate to a different provider. Here is why you should change your provider. The average plan under any of these giant energy firms cost around £1,150, whereas you can get a fixed plan from smaller suppliers for about £800, saving you £350 annually. To top it all, some of these have exit fees of up to £60 should you decide to change provider. Hence, you can get a better deal with an energy provider than offers lower rates and zero exit fees.

How Can I Compare Energy Prices?

Energy comparison has several benefits, one of which includes more savings. However, the tariff plan you will get depends on how much energy you consume. Each household has different energy consumption rates as needs differ from one home to another. There are several ways to save energy; they include the following:

  • Use energy-saving LED light globes.
  • Insulate your home.
  • Wash your clothes under lower temperatures.
  • Switch off light bulbs and electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Control the use of your air conditioners and heaters, and many more.

You can also compare energy on usave.co.uk or any other reputable online energy consultation website. By doing so, you will be able to save more money.

How Can I Compare Energy Prices?

Energy comparison involves a simple, straightforward process. In fact, it takes just minutes to complete. When contacting an online energy consultant, you will be needed to provide your postcode to determine your location, the name of current energy provider, your tariff (energy bill), and the amount of electricity and gas you use. As soon as this information is available, the consultant will send you a list of providers with their individual plans. Select the energy provider that best meets your requirements. Once done, your new provider will take over the process. Within a period of 21 days the switch will be completed with your current provider. What happens to my gas and electricity during this period? You will still enjoy the supply of energy without noticing a change. With comparing energy prices, you can enjoy better deals with less money.