Compensation for Truck Accident Injuries: 5 Things to Know

In Atlanta, Georgia, claiming a truck accident is quite complex due to many reasons. There can be multiple aspects of potential negligence that can affect the claim. In a truck accident, multiple parties can be blamed. It is difficult to blame a single party because stakeholders range from the truck driver, to the truck company shipper, along with the truck manufacturer. Therefore, it is a complex matter of claiming the injuries in a truck accident without an expert, a well-informed attorney is required to solve the matter effectively. Truck accident lawyers in Atlanta, GA will help you file a claim and then defend it in the court as well.

Truck accident lawyers in Atlanta have a victim compassionate approach where they deal with the case with the utmost care, honesty, strategy, scrutiny, and professional expertise.

Know these 5 things about the process

1. Types of Compensations that you can get

There are a few factors that determine the damages and are applicable for demanding compensations. These are as followed:

1. Medical Bills:

The court will consider all the medical expenses that took place after the accident. The court will look at the bills, doctor appointments, ambulance fees, accessories, and other expenses. It will then grant compensation for the medical expenses to the victim.

2. Lost Wages:

Lost wages are another determining factor for the victim’s damage as it estimates the amount of money the victim could have earned if they were not injured. Lost wages will also be compensated.

3. Property Damage:

The court will consider the damages done to your car in the accident. By providing them with the pictures, you can benefit from gaining compensation for your car damages.

2. What Should One Do Immediately After the Accident?

At the site of the accident, quickly call the ambulance along with other emergency services. Truck injuries are quite severe and can damage your health severely. Quickly call the police and find the suspect of the accident. All the victims will go through a medical examination. Even if you have no injuries, medical treatment is essential to prevent any symptoms from developing further.

3. How can a Personal Attorney Help?

Truck accident lawyers can help you in multiple ways. If you are injured in a car accident, you have the right to claim your damage compensations. You are not at any fault, and your attorney will tell you if you should proceed with the case.

4. What if the Complaint is Partially at Fault?

In a few cases, the complainant is also partially at fault. If that occurs, then you are still entitled to compensation for your loss. Different laws deal with such a matter in different states. In most states, negligence on the part of the victim can cause him a reduction in the compensation granted by the court.

5. What Should the Insurance Company Know?

Before taking the matter to the insurance company, it is advisable to consult your truck accident attorney so that they can give you advice regarding what to and what not to tell the insurance company. Providing details of the accident to the insurance company is necessary, and whatever details you give will come out in the proceedings and hence can potentially reduce your deserved compensations.

No matter what kind of accident you were involved in, it is important to be honest with your attorney so they can prepare your case accordingly.

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