When it comes to the world’s largest business firms, cigarette companies top the list. No other industry markets their products as fiercely as they do. If you are reading this post, chances are that you are either a smoker or you know one. There are so many reasons why people start to smoke in the first place – 

  • They want to look sophisticated and cool
  • They are coaxed into it by their peers
  • They feel stressed

There is, unfortunately, a heavy price to pay for this addictive and deadly habit. Not only does smoking cause heart disease, but they also make your breath and clothes stink and they discolor your teeth. With electronic cigarettes, a smoker can get the nicotine effect without the harsh chemicals. With vaping, you can have tantalizingly appealing aromas around you such as vanilla, mint, fruit, menthol, chocolate or something else. 

Vaping – Weaning yourself off Cigarette Smoking 

Because cigarettes are legally purchased, smokers don’t look at smoking as an addictive habit. But it can be, and if you do smoke its never too late to benefit from stopping. Many people turn to vaping so as to wean themselves off nicotine. 

Thought to be a healthier alternative to smoking, e-liquid generally comes in different levels  – 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24mg. Your vaping device also plays a part in the nicotine level. 

The most common type of vaping involves heating up flavored oil or e-liquid and using different devices –  vape pens, e-cigs or something else.  While vaping is considered less harmful than cigarettes they are still regarded as being harmful and are banned from those under the age of 18. 

Get Quality, Premium E-Juice

If you vape you want to be sure to get your vaping equipment from a reliable source. The Vape Mall has quality premium juice and vape supplies without all the costly packaging. Their hand-made house blend e-liquid is 100% USA made so you’re getting a premium juice.

You can order online or visit them at their retail store and be guided and assisted by trained staff, whether you’re a beginner or experienced vape. They’re totally clued up and they can talk to you about all the top vape brands such as Smok, Aspire, Eleaf, and others as well as all the replacement parts they carry as well. 

Their liquids are hand made in hygienic surroundings making use of sterile equipment. Customers can select their own PG/VG mix and their preferred nicotine levels. 

Be Guided on your Vaping Journey 

Want your questions answered about vaping and know more about vape juice recipes? The Vape Mall is a minefield of information – with details on e-liquid, batteries and chargers, kits, rolling paper as well as all kinds of spare parts and accessories. You’re going to know all you need to know as you consider vaping and how it can help you to stop smoking. 

You’ll be able to get started on your vaping journey, well equipped with all the information you need as your guide.

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