Running and walking are two of the most popular exercise activities in the country. About 60 million people run or jog on a regular basis as a form of working out, while more than 110 million people walk to maintain their physical fitness.

If you take part in either of these activities–or if you take part in another activity that involves running, jumping, or working out your legs–you should strongly consider investing in¬†compression sleeves. Designed to fit over your calves, they’ll help you make the most of your workouts moving forward.

There are lots of different benefits that come along with wearing calf sleeves. Check out 9 surprising benefits of using compression clothing below.

1. Increases Blood Circulation

Many people, especially elderly people, have been wearing compression socks and stockings for years now. That’s because compression socks are designed to increase the circulation of blood throughout a person’s body and, more specifically, in their legs and feet.

Compression sleeves work in much the same way. Once you put them on, your blood circulation will improve dramatically. This will help to oxygenate your leg muscles and keep your blood flowing throughout the course of a workout.

2. Prevents Muscle Soreness

Do your legs feel tired, achy, and just downright sore when you’re finished running or walking? That won’t be an issue anymore when you wear¬†calf sleeves.

The sleeves will prevent your muscles from sustaining too much damage while you’re working out with them on. As a result, you won’t feel sore after every workout that you do anymore.

3. Reduces the Risk of Muscle Strains

If you stand at the starting line right before a big race is about to begin, you’ll usually see almost everyone wearing a calf sleeve. They’ve become extremely popular among those who run 5Ks, 10Ks, and, in particular, marathons.

Marathon runners really seem to appreciate¬†compression sleeves because they reduce their risk of straining their leg muscles when they’re pushing them to the limit on race day. The sleeves help long-distance runners steer clear of overextending their leg muscles as they run.

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to enjoy this benefit of wearing compression clothing, though! Even if you simply like to walk around your block a few times every day, it’s good to know that muscle strains won’t pop up and present problems for you.

4. Promotes Quick Recovery

If you choose not to wear calf sleeves on your legs during an intense workout, you’re going to feel lactic acid build up in your muscles from the moment you start running or walking. Before long, the aforementioned soreness will set in–and it’ll take you a few days to get your¬†legs back to feeling like normal again.

A calf compression sleeve will allow you to avoid long recovery times by getting rid of the lactic acid that builds up in your legs quicker. When you keep one on your calf following a workout, it’ll keep your blood flowing and eliminate lactic acid from the equation.

This will make it much easier for your body to heal and recover. It’ll give you an opportunity to get back out there and go for another run or walk in no time.

5. Keeps Muscles at the Right Temperature

When you’re in the middle of a workout, you don’t ever want your muscles to be too hot or too cold. That’s usually about the time when injuries occur.

Compression sleeves have the ability to keep your leg muscles at the ideal temperature at all times. Whether you’re wearing them¬†on a walk on a hot summer¬†afternoon or on a run on a chilly winter¬†morning, they’ll get to work right away and either heat or cool your muscles and maintain the right temperature throughout your workout.

6. Cuts Down on Swelling

Do your legs tend to swell up on you after you spend an hour or two on your feet while working out? This is a common problem for a lot of people who like to run long distances.

You can stop swelling from setting in by investing in leg sleeves for your workouts. When your blood is circulating through your legs quickly, you’ll notice that they won’t swell as easy as they normally do.

7. Protects Legs From Scratches

If you do most of your running and walking on a treadmill, you¬†don’t have to worry at all about sustaining scratches on your legs. But if you prefer to run outside and spend time jogging through parks in shorts, it’s probably not uncommon for you to get nicked up by branches, prickly plants, and more.

By pulling a pair of¬†compression sleeves over your legs, you’ll provide them with the protection they need. At the same time, your legs won’t overheat when you have them on.

8. Eliminates Dirt Buildup

Outside of worrying about scratches on your legs, you also need to worry about dirt building up on them when you run outdoors. And since you likely won’t have anywhere to rinse off at after a workout, you’ll be stuck walking around with your legs¬†coated in dirt, mud, and other debris.

Your calf sleeves will stop dirt from building up on your legs and prevent you from looking like a total mess when you’re done with a workout. It’ll also help avoid the potential for rashes and other skin breakouts.

9. Looks Amazing

Admit it: Part of the fun of running is taking on the look of a runner. Even if you’re not the best runner in the world, throwing on running gear makes you look official. It puts you in the right frame of mind.

Compression sleeves are the perfect accessories to add to your current running collection. They’ll top off your look and show other runners that you mean business when you hit the running trails.

Order Compression Sleeves Today

If you’re not working out with¬†compression sleeves on your legs yet, you’re missing out on all the benefits listed here. By investing in a pair of calf sleeves, you can enhance your workouts and change the way you feel when you exercise.

Pick up a pair today to see how great they work. It won’t be long before you’re wondering how you used to work out without them.

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