5 Consequences Of Road Accidents

Road accidents happen every day, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should overlook this fact. Accidents are more often than not preventable by both or one of the parties involved. An accident can range from a small one like hitting a boulder on the road to a life-threatening one like a collision with a fuel tanker.

Most road accidents are caused by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, texting while driving or walking if pedestrian, talking on the phone, or out of ignorance. Some accidents happen due to the justification of one driver being right and the other being wrong.

However, who’s right or wrong shouldn’t be the basis when using the road as a driver or pedestrian. The aim should be to prevent the possibility of an accident and know what to do if you get into one. For example, if you’re in Kansas, check this post to learn the steps you should take.

From the current stats, it is clear that road accidents are alarming. But do you know the consequences of road accidents? If your answer to this question is no, then you should read on and find out what might happen to you if you ever get involved in a severe road accident.

Effects Of Road Accidents

1. Physical Injuries

Physical injuries are the most noticeable consequences of a road accident. The extent of physical injuries is dependent on the severity of the accident.

Cuts and bruises are the minor type of injuries you can have. These injuries occur due to broken car debris, such as glass, from the accident. Your skin might be scrapped or cut, leaving superficial scars on healing.

Burns might occur if your vehicle is on fire. The accident might not have been severe, but if there’s fuel leakage and a source of heat, your car might ignite, causing severe injuries. Burns also arise from accidents involving fuel-carrying vehicles. Fuel tankers might explode due to the high amount of flammable liquid in them. It’s best to keep your distance in an accident involving fuel tankers if the vehicle explodes.

Road accidents can also cause life-altering injuries, such as spine and brain injuries, and may also cause loss of body limbs. Spine injuries might arise from damage to your back from the accident’s impact. These might inhibit the possibility of you walking again. Brain injuries, if severe, might give you a stroke, making you bed-ridden and unable to fend for yourself.

The ultimate and most unfortunate physical injury that a road accident can cause is death.

2. Emotional Trauma

Some people often overlook this consequence of road accidents, and most of those involved in an accident don’t disclose any emotional trauma they might be experiencing.

Anxiety is something you might experience after a road accident. It manifests through the fear of boarding a vehicle and leaving your house, among others.

Depression might occur, especially if you’ve suffered life-altering injuries, such as paralysis. You’ll often be in a state of disbelief of how your life has changed and what you’ll not be able to do any longer. You might be frustrated by the possibility of you not working or going by your daily activities. Negative thoughts often characterize depression, and you’ll often feel sad and withdrawn.

You might also acquire post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suffer from symptoms like behavior changes such as hallucinations or a complete character change.

It’s critical to consult a psychiatrist whether or not you experience any of these traumas in the event of an accident.

3. Financial Struggles

Accidents bring a lot of financial responsibilities that you didn’t anticipate.

Following an accident, you require medical check-ups and treatments for any injury you might have suffered. The bills could spike beyond what your insurance can cover, increasing the burden.

When you get injured after an accident, you’ll often be required to rest to allow your injuries to heal. However, your workplace might not offer paid sick leave. Thus, the more time you spend healing, the more you’re losing out financially.

Insurance companies tend to increase the rates of your standard premium if you suffer an accident. They see a higher chance of accidents recurring, making you a ‘risky’ cover. They’ll ask you to pay more premiums to compensate for the increased risk.

4. Loss Of Productivity

As previously stated, accidents require you to have some time off to recuperate. However, it may be safe to say that you could’ve used the recovery time to do something more productive instead and generate income for you and your loved ones.

Some injuries might heal but have permanent side effects, such as limping or being in a wheelchair all through. You might even lose a limb. Such consequences affect how you used to work and run errands before, lowering your productivity.

5. Legal Implications

In most road accidents, you might need to go to court and explain the events leading to the accident. Such proceedings have seen some drivers jailed for manslaughter in case of any life lost. Minor consequences could be the loss of your driving license or getting sued for carelessness or negligence.

As the driver, the court may require you to compensate the immediate family left behind in the event of death.


As seen, road accidents have many consequences, of which none are good. Therefore, it’s vital to follow all the road safety regulations of your state to reduce the number of accidents. Would you please ensure you familiarize yourself with the laws governing road accidents in your state to know what action to take in case of one happening? Safety doesn’t only apply to you as the driver; it also applies to you as a pedestrian. It will help if you take personal responsibility in ensuring the roads are safe for all users.

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