Engineers must continue to be updated about their field. It will help them gain credits, fulfill the legal formalities before job application, keep them informed of the advanced techniques, and enhance their skill set.

Known for its hospitality, Alabama is located in the southeast region of the US. As per the Alabama Department of Labor, more than forty thousand people are involved in architecture and engineering jobs. In addition, almost thirty thousand people are engaged in engineering jobs. Not only are these sectors well established in the state, but they are also booming. On average, the demand for an engineer in Alabama has grown by one to two percent over the years.

So, if you are working as an engineer in Alabama, you must know all the academic criteria for a professional engineer. Here are some basic things you need to know about Alabama continuing education

What are PDH credits?


In Alabama, it is required for an engineer to complete at least thirty hours of professional development hours (PDH) within two years of issuance of their engineering license. Once you have the necessary training, you can transfer half of the hours for credits to the following year.

Where can you get your license and update your credits?

You can consult The Alabama State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (BELS) to update your PDH and renew the license. You do not have to pay fees for online renewal. The whole process can be done seamlessly online. Besides, the BELS only accepts online renewals nowadays.

What courses can you take?

education in Alabama

As an engineer looking for continuing education in Alabama, there are various courses you can take. The government and the labor department do not have pre-approved and specific courses for professional engineers. So, engineers can take any class they like. Many websites offer PDH credit courses that one can complete for their credits.

What are the renewal dates?

Typically, the license must be renewed by 31st December every year. The state board will do its part and inform people two to three months before the deadline.

What are the benefits of continuing education in Alabama?

benefits of continuing education

  • It improves your chances of getting promoted – Updating your resume with newly acquired skills helps your chances of getting a promotion within your current organization. It will boost your skill set, automatically improving your promotion chances. Secondly, these courses help you complete your PDH and contribute to your upskilling efforts.
  • Increases your income – Having completed the right skills and courses increases your income. The more courses you have finished, the better your chances of earning. Not only will it be more effortless for you to get a promotion, but you will also be able to find a new and better-paying job later easily.
  • Boosts confidence – Knowing how to do your job well and acquiring new skills will boost your confidence. You will be much more efficient in handling your daily tasks and will start enjoying your work more.

These are some basic things you must know about continuing education in Alabama. Self-employed professionals and those who are employed must stay updated with the advancements in their sector. As a professional engineer, you must keep doing courses you are interested in to acquire more expertise.

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