According to the Food Network on Friday, it was dumping Paula Deen, about an hour following the posting of an online videotape apology by the cook, seeking forgiveness from the fans and also critics who were troubled due to her admission of using racial slurs during the past days.

The celebrity of Savannah kitchen, aged 66, is swamped due to controversy since the court documents that were filed in this week showed that Deen had told one attorney who was questioning her last month under oath that she used N-word. Deen replied that she did use the word but that was quite a long time back.

In 2002, Food Network made her star with the show “Paula’s Home Cooking” and later in 2008 with “Paula’s Home Cooking”, weighed in along with one terse statement on Friday afternoon.

According to the statement, Food Network wouldn’t renew the contract of Paula Deen when it will expire by this month’s end.This news came in as Deen just tried to repair damage done towards her image. Abruptly, she canceled one interview with NBC Today show which was scheduled for Friday morning. Rather, Deen chose direct appeal through online video, which permitted her staff and herself total control of all that she said and the way she said that.

In the video of 45 seconds posted over YouTube, Deen said that hurtful and inappropriate language is fully intolerable and that she had made many mistakes in the way though she begs forgiveness of her fans, partners, team and children.

This online video enabled her staff and Deen herself appeal to the viewers and total control of all that she had said. She adopted serious tone while she looked into camera and still her apology featured edits about three times, during the statement that was 5 sentences long.

“I want to apologize to everybody, uh, for the wrong that I’ve done,” she says while the video starts. “Uh, I want to learn and grow from this.”

Initially, Deen planned on giving her 1st interview to “Today” show. Rather, Matt Lauer, the host, ended up saying to the viewers that representatives of Deen pulled plug as she was tired after the flight to New York.

The records of court show that Deen did sit down for deposition on 17th May in discrimination lawsuit that was filed the previous year by one former employee managing Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House, the Savannah restaurant that was owned by Deen’s brother, Bubba Hiers  and herself. Lisa Jackson, the ex-employee, said that she was harassed sexually and had to work in hostile environment with racial slurs and innuendo.

Deen’s transcript questioned by one attorney shows she was quite peppered with the questions regarding the racial attitudes she demonstrated. At a point, she asked if she did think jokes using N-word were mean. She said that jokes normally targeted minority groups. Also, she couldn’t herself determine what could offend another person.

She acknowledged that she, for a short moment, did consider hiring waiters who were black for the wedding of her brother in 2007, an idea that was inspired by staff at one restaurant she visited with husband. Though, she insisted that she dismissed this idea quickly.

However, she did insist in the legal deposition regarding her brother and herself that they were intolerant towards bigotry.

She said that neither Bubba, nor herself care about color of anyone’s skin; all what matters to them is what is contained in head and heart.

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