8 Ways to Customize Your Car Without Going Overboard

Custom cars are cool. Ever since the first speedsters in the 1920s, people have enjoyed making their cars more unique. Yet it’s very possible to take a custom car too far.

Think back to the tuning scene of the 2000s. Remember all the neon lights and massive spoilers? No one needs that.

Yet this bad memory shouldn’t put you off auto customization. If you want to customize your car, there is a huge number of ways to do that without going overboard. The result is a beautiful, unique car that still looks, for want of a better word, normal.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some great ways to personalize your car without taking it too far. Are you ready to learn more and start customizing? Then, ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and read on.

1. Add New Wheels to Your Car

Adding spinners to your car is a great way to look like a complete loser. However, adding some stylish new wheels to your car is a great way to stand out and genuinely improve your car.

Look for wheels by established brands like Konig or Enkei, brands that have a long-standing history of creating fantastic wheels.

Adding new wheels to your car can improve how your car handles and they can also be color-coordinated to match your car’s paintwork. You can be as subtle or as flamboyant as you want with your wheels, but if you’re looking for a customization that’ll be hard to spot, a good set of wheels is a great start.

2. Get a New Paintjob

If you want to change how your car looks in a very fundamental way, why not get it resprayed? Most mechanics will offer this service and it’s a really nice way to customize your car’s looks without going crazy.

A good-quality paintjob, in a non-stock color, will make your car stand out in the right way. You’ll have people asking you how you got that color on your car in no time at all.

3. Add a Wrap

A brand-new paintjob can be very expensive. If you want to change the way your car looks without these huge costs, then you could add a vinyl wrap to your car. Custom auto wraps can add decals, racing stripes, and much, much more to your car.

They’re much cheaper than a respray and you can even apply them yourself at home. When you tire of them, you can remove them easily, too.

4. Upgrade Your Brakes

Like wheels, it’s hard to spot upgraded brakes but they can make a massive difference to your car. New brakes can dramatically improve your stopping distances and handling.

If you buy brakes from a reputable firm like Brembo, they’ll last you a long time, too.

Sometimes, you can also get brake calipers that are branded or colored, if you want to change the way your wheels look without going too far.

5. New Seats

You sit in your car a lot, right? Then why not sit comfortably. Some new seats can make a world of difference to your comfort levels, and they’re easy to install, with most aftermarket seats fitting into the same rails as the stock ones.

If you want to make your car feel more sporty, why not add some bucket seats? These are great for taking corners at speed and can make your car look more interesting.

If you want to make it more luxurious, consider adding aftermarket leather seats. You can even get aftermarket massage seats if you want to take your car to luxurious new heights.

6. Add a New Shifter Knob

A shifter knob will be seen by pretty much no one except you, so you can take this to silly new heights if you like. A shifter knob is cheap and installing it is as easy as pie, too.

You can get shifter knobs decorated with any design you can think of, and then some. Want a shifter knob in the shape of a pistol? You can get one.

Adorn your shifter with any design that you like, all for a low price. It’s a fun and easy customization.

7. Install a New Sound System

If you love music and want it to sound better, buy a new sound system! Once again, you may think back to the old days of massive subwoofers in trunks, but car sound systems have come a long way since.

Today, massive brands like Bang and Olufsen are making sound systems for cars that rival those found in hi-fi setups. If you want to experience your music at its best, a new sound system is a no-brainer.

8. Upgrade Your Engine

If you want to make one massive change to your car, then upgrading the engine should be your choice. Today, you can buy crate engines from a huge range of companies and fit them into your car.

Depending on the car in question, you may need to do a lot of work or it may drop into your car easily. If you’re mixing and matching brands, you’ll generally need to do more work.

Get the Custom Car of Your Dreams

We hope that you now feel more confident in how to get the custom car of your dreams without going overboard and looking like a fool. Make the upgrades that we’ve listed and you’ll have a beautiful and fun custom car that doesn’t look too divorced from its stock cousins.

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