A person who purchases a dirt bike has fun in mind. The first thing many dirt bike owners do is personalize their bikes with graphic kits or other means. Bike owners can pay a lot to have their bikes custom painted or they can purchase a less-costly graphic kit and install it themselves.

Personalizing the New Dirt Bike Tricks

Personalizing the New Dirt Bike

The easiest and cheapest way to personalize that new dirt bike is to order the perfect graphic kit. Those looking for graphic kits can find them online at places such as Senge Graphics. The graphic kits are custom-made for each bike brand and model. So, when you order, you will fill out a form with your bike’s information.

You will state the brand, such as Cobra, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, and so on. After that is done, you can look at the different designs and color choices. Computers make the process simple, quick, and accurate.

Now The Fun Starts

Now The Fun Starts

Once you have your bike all tricked out, you can start the fun. Dirt bikes are made to ride on or off-road and to do some impressive bike tricks. Some impressive dirt bike tricks include the following.

  • Jumps are the basis for most dirt bike tricks. Start with simple jumps and then add the other tricks.
  • Taking the Feet Off the Bike. This is a basic beginner trick. You start by mastering a simple jump, then add taking one foot off during the jump and landing safely. then try with the other foot, and finally with both feet.
  • Taking hands off the bike. The same process as feet only with hands. start with taking one hand off the controls, then the other, and finally both. Be sure to have the hands where they can grab the handlebar quickly.
  • The Fender Kiss. This is a trick where the rider comes close to the bike’s front fender, kind of like kissing the fender.
  • The BackFlip and Other Flips. This is a little more dangerous. These flips are for more advanced dirt bike riders.
  • Dirt Bike Whips. Whipping a bike is a trick where the rider does a jump and then pushes the bike to the side while being on the bike. Then, they go on to land the bike safely. The trick is staying on your bike while it is parallel to the ground.

The 5-step Process of Mastering the Whip

The 5-step Process of Mastering the Whip

The whip is an impressive dirt bike trick. You can do it by starting small and working up to the full trick. In a whip, the rider goes off of a high jump. It is accomplished at fairly low speeds. Following these steps will help:

  1. Start by finding the right jump to practice the trick on. Find the right track or location.
  2. Start the whip by curving or turning the dirt bike as you come up to a jump.
  3. Next, start to push your inside leg in a jump enough to get your bike into a sideways position.
  4. Now, push the handlebars and the front tire of the bike outward.
  5. As you come back near the ground, straighten the bike and stop the leg from pushing for a smooth transition from air to ground.

Experts advise riders to start with lower jumps and work their way up. Look for a tall enough mound that you can whip safely without scaping the ground but not high enough that you are in the air for too long. The best practice is to first watch an experienced rider do the whip and then have them help you master it.

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