With summer just around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your garden or outdoor patio in preparation for all the summer fun you’ll be having! Some garden gadgets can make your gardening and yard work easier and some are just to liven up your yard life and have some fun. Either way, these innovative garden gadgets are all need for your garden to enjoy your outdoor spaces this year!

Check out 7 innovative garden gadgets you need for your garden:

1. Portable charcoal smoker

Get ready to wow your friends and family this summer with freshly smoked meat and veggies made right in your own backyard! You won’t believe how easy it is to produce quality smoked products right at home with the help of a portable charcoal smoker. Aliexpress has some budget-friendly smokers available that are perfect for some outdoor cooking this summer. With this amazing Aliexpress discount code, you can save on your very own portable smoker and many other great garden gadgets & tools that you need for your garden!

 2. Patio heater

Patio heater

Don’t let cold or damp weather stop you from enjoying your garden this season! A patio heater can extend the amount of time you’re able to enjoy your outdoor spaces thanks to its ability to warm and provide comfort even in cold weather. Imagine being able to dine outdoors or enjoy a nice cup of coffee on your deck all year long! If you have the room, a standing patio heater provides the largest area of warmth. If your outdoor area is small, consider a portable tabletop model. It will still provide enough heat to enjoy a nice outdoor dining experience!

 3. Robot lawn mower

Never waste time mowing your lawn again thanks to this great gadget that you need for your garden! You can spend hours every month cutting your own lawn in the blistering heat or you can invest in a robot lawnmower to do it for you. A robot lawn mower is a small buggy that goes back and forth over your lawn while trimming the grass. Since this buggy is completely automated, you can sit back and lounge poolside while your new robot mower does all the work! Do your research to make sure that you choose the best model for your lawn and budget. While these innovative gadgets have come a long way, they are still best suited for smaller yards that are relatively flat.

 4. Garden rock speakers

Garden rock speakers

If you love gardening while listening to music or want a cool way to entertain your friends during an outdoor dinner party, try some hidden rock speakers! Rock speakers work like any other portable Bluetooth speakers but they are designed to look like an actual stone that will easily blend in with the rest of your garden that you need for your garden. Since most models rely on Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect them to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access all your favorite music.

 5. Birdhouse cameras

For the nature lovers and bird watchers out there, you need to invest in a birdhouse camera! A birdhouse camera acts like any normal birdhouse and provides a safe and comfortable home for your local species of birds. A secret camera hidden inside the birdhouse allows nature lovers to observe wildlife up close without disturbing it. Birdhouse cameras also make a great educational tool for families with children.

 6. Ultrasonic pest repellent

In order to properly enjoy your garden, you’ll need for your garden to deal with some unwanted pests! In some places across the US, mosquito populations have risen over ten-fold in the past few decades! Ultrasonic pest repellents can help you keep insects and vermin away from your garden without all the hassle of traditional traps. They work by emitting electromagnetic waves that aren’t harmful to you or your pets, resulting in a clean and non-toxic way to keep pests away from your home.

7. Portable campfire pit

Portable campfire pit

Imagine being able to sit beside a campfire right in your own backyard! Creating a fire pit can be costly and time-consuming. A portable campfire is a fun and easy way to hold a campfire in your backyard without a fire pit! Portable campfires vary dramatically in look and size. You can find models that are designed to mimic real campfires or more contemporary models designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible. Whichever model you choose, get ready to enjoy some toasted marshmallows fireside with your family and friends!