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Building Your Dream Home: 14 Cool Ideas for New Home Construction

While the number of new homes being built is declining, there is still no better way to achieve your dream home than to have it custom-built for your needs.

In fact, even with the decline, thousands of new homes are still being built in the US every year.

If you’re going to be building a home, why not make it just for you? Let’s talk about some cool ideas for new home construction for you to use!

Cool Ideas for New Home Construction

#1: Higher Ceilings

As one of the most sought-after features in any home, high ceilings provide both a less constricting feeling to a home as well as a great status symbol.

High ceilings aren’t just great for opening up your space, they can even help you add great functions to various rooms in your home.

For example, if you want a study room or a library, high ceilings allow taller bookshelves. If you want a home gym, you’ll be able to add a pull-up bar and even perform overhead exercises inside.

It will also provide extra space when it comes to finishing touches like fixtures and wall art.

#2. Mudroom

Tired of cleaning up dirt you track in during the summer or sand in the winter? Well, we have a solution!

Mudrooms are extremely popular in the modern home, and for good reason. They provide an indoor entryway to your home where you can store dirty boots and items that will be used outside.

Not only that but with enough windows, they provide an indoor room that serves as an outdoor-feeling space. Don’t want to be out in the cold during winter or the blistering sun? Lots of windows in a nice porch or mudroom offer that same outdoor feel without the harsh weather conditions.

#3. Hidden Room

An idea loved by children and adults alike, having a hidden room for playtime, studying, entertainment or even storage will make any home-owner happy.

Create a special space your guests won’t know about where you can get away, or blow their minds when you show them your spy movie-like room behind the bookshelf!

Hidden rooms are not super common when you’re buying a house, so this definitely belongs in ideas for your new home construction so you’ll be one of the few who gets to say you have one.

#4. Walk-in Closets

Add plenty of readily-available storage and a neat way to keep your wardrobe organized and accessible with a walk-in closet.

Walk-in closets are more inviting, easier to keep organized, and more accessible than regular closets. This makes them a very valuable addition to any home.

If you don’t have the space for a walk-in closet, or it just isn’t your style, how about “his and hers” closets? If you live with your partner, having two separate closets makes it a lot easier to store and find all of your stuff, without constricting the room with multiple dressers.

#5. Central Vacuum

Save storage in your closets and stop worrying about lugging heavy vacuums around the house to clean up. Especially if your house is big and has multiple floors.

Having a central vacuum system makes it so much easier to clean your home. The dust gets collected in one central area, usually in the basement, and it’s easy to dispose of.

When it’s time to clean, you just grab your hose, attach it to a vacuum plug-in, flip a switch, and start vacuuming!

#6. Sprinkler Systems

Want your lawn, garden, and trees to stay healthy? A sprinkler system offers you the peace of mind that forgetting to water everything during dry season won’t mean the end of your yard.

Your yard will get all the water it needs, and you won’t need to do anything but flip a switch!

It doesn’t have to be for your yard either! If you want the extra peace of mind, sprinkler or extinguisher systems inside your home is also a great safety feature for any building!

#7. Extra Outlets

In the digital age, the more outlets, the better. Rather than running extension cords everywhere, why not just have more outlets available throughout your home?

Not just outlets, but also the types of outlets. More and more electronics are using USB chargers, so why not get ahead of the game and stop buying charging boxes every time you lose them?

#8. Built-in Shelving

Why not save precious space by having shelving embedded inside the walls? Protruding shelving wastes space and is less appealing to the eye. This is an easy and affordable way to add some great display space to your new home.

#9. Nook

There are many different kinds of nooks, but the most popular go in living spaces and kitchens.

Kitchen tables take up a lot of space, so why not have one sticking out and away from your cooking area? It’s a great way to get some natural light during mealtime, and it adds a lot of charm to any home.

Or, why not add a reading nook in your living space? What’s better than reading a great book in the comfort of your own home with all the enjoyments of being outside? Right, nothing.

#10. Custom Stairs

Custom stair designs take many shapes, but you should pick one that fits your aesthetic.

If you have a naturalist home with a lot of sunlight and exposed wood, have your stairs match that vibe.

While stairs have an obvious function, they can also be used for aesthetics, extra storage, or even unique designs that show off the owner’s creativity and style.

#11. Plan for Greenery

It’s proven that having plant-life and greenery in the home improves your health and your mood, so why not plan ahead for it?

Build indoor garden beds by your windows, or install hangers for your plant pots in places with the most sunlight.

If you have high ceilings or an open overhead space in one room, you could even go as far as to plant a tree inside!

#12. Spa

Okay, this may sound like a little much, but this could be surprisingly simple. If you plan to have a master bathroom, why not turn it into a spa-like getaway within the comforts of your own home?

There are endless ideas to incorporate into an in-home spa. A hot tub and a fancy shower with different angles and pressures come to mind first, but that’s far from all.

Massage chairs are reasonably-priced and are a great addition to a spa setting. A massage table is very affordable if you and your partner want to give each other a relaxing spa experience.

Things as simple as extra storage for essential oils, moisturizers, face masks, and more go a long way.

If you have the money and space, why not take an extra step and add a sauna or a steam room? This could be an ideal way to make the best use of a basement, provided it is adequately waterproofed and ventilated. There are plenty more ideas to improving on a bathroom, so get creative!

#13. Outdoor Living Space

Somewhere on your property, attached to your house or not, an outdoor living space makes a world of difference.

Whether it’s a glass-paneled gazebo to hang out in or a front porch with a screen, the shape doesn’t matter. We all need outdoor time, and it’s especially tough to get it in extreme weather.

If you don’t want an enclosed space, a deck or a patio are excellent spaces for having friends over, weather permitting.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, either. A small area with rocks or bricks and a nice fire pit in the center is an affordable outdoor space that you can even make yourself, and it adds lots of charm to your property.

Landscaping goes a long way for aesthetics, but having a functional area where you can gather with friends is invaluable.

#14. Pantry

Like walk-in closets, walk-in pantries for your kitchen are also very useful. Have all of your non-perishables in one organized, easy to access area attached to your kitchen.

Pantries are one of the most common custom features to add to a new home, and it’s because of their convenience and the large amount of storage they offer.

Build It For You

If you’re building your own home, don’t build it to please anybody other than yourself. You’re going to be living there, so build what is going to make you the most comfortable. After all, it is your home!

Now that you have a few cool ideas for new home construction, share them with your architect or construction manager and keep checking in to see what’s else is possible!

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