Even the most socially tone-deaf managers probably realize that many employees actively dislike corporate events.

A lot of reasons drive that dislike. Forced socializing with unlikable coworkers, for one. Uncomfortable settings that don’t acknowledge the introvert-extrovert divide for another.

Yet, corporate events are here to stay, which means businesses need better options for hosting them. One option that helps offset some of the pitfalls of go-to choices are corporate events at sea.

What do you get by picking a cruise for your next event


Corporate event planning is an exercise in sometimes excruciating detail management. You need someone on top of everything from the catering and entertainment to hotel accommodations. Let any little piece slip and it may derail the entire event.

That creates a lot of stress both for everyone involved.

A cruise comes pre-equipped to deal with virtually all of those details. The cruise company already has processes in place for room management. They also handle catering and entertainment.

That lets you focus on the event content, which is where you’ll likely shine.

In most cases, cruise companies will offer you several itineraries that can help you plan.

Cost Management

Every company must cope with the possibility of costs rising unexpectedly for any event. Let’s say that the caterer cancels at the last minute or the entertainment gets stuck at an airport 1000 miles away.

You must scramble for a replacement. Odds are good that you’ll pay a premium for the replacement courtesy of the short notice.

With a cruise, you get a fairly accurate estimate of the cost. The company knows what it costs per cabin and per meal. This lets you budget with greater accuracy.

Better Venue

Many, many corporate events happen in hotels and conference halls. While these locations offer functionality, they don’t inspire.

Traveling out at sea offers attendees stunning visual vistas. They also get a better cross-section of downtime entertainment.

The extraverts can hit up the onboard bars or dancing. The introverts can opt for something less social, like a theater production or going to the spa. The size of the ship also makes it more practical for people to avoid other attendees who make them uncomfortable.

Cruises also offer other opportunities. Repositioning cruises promise adventure both on and off the ship. You can pick a cruise that tours major coastal cities or tropical destinations. This gives attendees who may not travel often a chance to play tourist.

Parting Thoughts on Events at Sea

Corporate events at sea provide you with an alternative for the standard hotel or conference hall venue. Even better, it’s an alternative with lots of benefits.

You avoid the hyper-detailed management aspect of the event. That lets you focus on core content. You enjoy better control over the costs. You also get a venue that offers downtime events that cater to a wider range of personality types.

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