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Coupons- An important piece of paper for shopping

In a world of online shopping, coupons have become a medium through which you can get deals and discounts. So what are coupons? These are just pieces of paper which can redeem financial discounts and deals. These are issued by the manufactures or by retailers. This can be used as a part of their promotions. In case of offline transactions, the coupons have to be printed coupons which are available with the service provider. And in case of online transactions, this comes with a coupon code which can is a combination of letters and numbers. This code is typed and the offer is redeemed. So, in other words, they are discount vouchers where the holder of the coupon gets a discount in entering the code or showing the coupon.

Coupons come with certain specifications and they are:

       a) The date of expiration: They must be used before else they lose their validity.

       b) Applicable only to a certain section of customers: They have to install the app, apply coupon codes, customers of a certain bank and users of a certain mobile network.

       c) A minimal amount: Some coupons are valid only after a certain a minimum amount. So, you need to buy for a certain minimum amount to redeem a deal or discount.

       d) Method of payment: This can be done by credit card from a certain bank or an online wallet service provider.

       e) Applicable to only certain services: Will get applied only to certain services and website.

Some times coupons may not give you discounts, we can just buy other items from the same store.

There are a lot of advantages of having coupons:

       1) Increases traffic:

By giving them more coupons you can attract customers to your brand. So these will help increase traffic and sales.

       2) Introduce new brands and coupons:

For a manufacturer, it is so hard to introduce new brands into the market. So, these coupons which will give you a discount or deals will help you do that. So, to tell them that these new products exist just give them a discount on these with the old ones.

       3) Will reduce advertising costs:

This will help reduce advertising costs because in your coupons you will provide the customer with the name, address and other details concerned with your business. This helps in the promotion of your brand without spending on advertising.

       4) For buyers, they tend to buy new products:

The buyers can test new products from that brand. This increases the exposure of buying for us and thus gives us more exposure.

       5) Coupons are measurable and easy to track:

They can easily track their vouchers and coupons. So, they count their discount offers which in turn will make it easier to count and provide discounts.

       6) Increases sales :

This will help us increase sales and profits by providing them with the right coupons and discounts.

       7) Marketing and advertising strategies:

For the business and the salesperson, it is quite a good strategy to increase their sales.

There are different kinds of offers we give you with the help of coupons. They are the following:

  • Dominos Offers:

Craving a pizza, we have got you right here. We offer your favourite pizza with a discount of 40% and also a cashback of 30%. Grab your offer!

  • Shop clues:

Wish to buy trendy clothes? We give you 60% off on clothes of your style and fashion. Limited offers.

  • First Cry:

Mother knows the best for her child. So, get the best offers for your child in first cry. We have offers on cradles, skincare, clothes and a lot more. Hurry now!

Hurry and grab the offers!

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