Ask around and you’ll soon start to realize what health researchers have been telling us — that less than 25 percent of Americans are getting enough exercise.

Many people don’t get enough exercise simply because they don’t have the equipment that makes it fun and easy. When you want to get into the zone of working out, you need to have the best workout headphones you can so you stay motivated. has compiled a list of the best workout headphones. 

Here are four things you should look for in any pair of headphones, especially if you’re going to hit the gym anytime soon. 

1. Get the Right Fit

Before you work out, you need to have all the right gear.

When you’re in the gym, you’re going to be moving your head around a lot more than you think. Whether you’re running or you’re on a stationary bike, you’re not going to want your headphones falling off. Reaching around to pick them up or adjusting them over and over is going to cause you to bend in strange ways or even tripping on cables.

Instead, get some buds that are designed to fit your head and ears. If you don’t pick the right bud design, it’s going to be hard for you to fit the headphones in your ears and to keep them from causing you trouble. Badly designed buds are likely to fall out and cause unnecessary stress.

Some manufacturers now create headphones that are meant to loop over and around your ears. This type of design is great because you get an added layer of security.

With uniquely shaped earbuds or earphones that fit over your ears, they won’t fall out as easily and you’ll be able to sustain wearing them for a longer time.

2. Have You Tried Wireless?

When you’re working out, you need as wide of a range of motion as you can get. With a wire in your way, you need to have your device either in your hand or strapped to your body. This isn’t only distracting but also potentially dangerous as it could get snagged on any number of devices.

While you get better sound quality from devices with a physically wired connection, you’re going to have that trade-off of comfort. It’s more comfortable to get rid of the cable and get some freedom.

Worrying about your cord is going to change the way you work out and move around, even subconsciously. You need to get all of the hurdles out of your way if you want to move as freely as possible and get the most out of your gym time. 

You could even connect to devices that you normally wouldn’t when you go wireless. You can connect to a desktop or laptop if you’re exercising at home. If you want to leave your device across the room while you work out, you get to put it down while you workout with wireless headphones.

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3. Get Something Water-Resistant

One of the biggest hurdles for any headphone wearer is dealing with liquids and moisture. The problem only gets worse when you’re talking about headphones you’re going to wear while you work out. When you’re choosing headphones to wear at the gym, search for a pair made from materials that don’t wear down so fast.

The salt and moisture of sweat can stain or even damage your headphones if you’re not careful. Cushions on headphones are going to deteriorate if exposed to sweat.

Many headphones have removable cushions that can be replaced if the headphones are still in good shape but the pads get dirty. Some are even able to be cleaned with the pads pulled off.

If you’re looking for sweat-resistant earbuds, you’re going to struggle to find anything that’s under $100. However, several higher-end manufacturers now make their wireless earbuds out of material that’s easy to clean and lasts a lifetime.

4. Can You Chat Easily?

One of the reasons that people like to wear headphones or earbuds while they’re on the go is that they’re lightweight and simple. With the push of a button, you could answer an incoming call without disrupting your workout flow. When your earphones integrate easily with the system that your phone uses, you get to be more productive. 

The most recent headphone releases all have built-in controls to give you access to your phone’s control features while you’re connected. One of the major selling factors for a lot of people is the fact that they don’t have to give anything up if a call comes in. You can talk to colleagues or family without breaking your stride.

The best headphones out there also offer sound quality as you’ve never heard. That means your calls are going to be clearer and you’ll communicate with everyone better. You’ll have less noise and quicker response time.

When you combine durability and dependability, you’ll be able to talk for as long as you need to on a pair of quality buds that work for the gym. Since you need to be hands-free while you’re working out, you should be able to use the voice command component of your phone with them. By pressing and holding a button or speaking into the microphone, you should be able to get what you want.

The Best Workout Headphones Should Be Affordable

You shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg if you want to get the best workout headphones around. Finding quality headphones should be simple and easy, but make sure you get a pair that you can take for a test run before you spending money on them.

If you’re wondering how exercise impacts your productivity, check out our guide for details.