In the past, a business letterhead format just consisted of your name, contact details, and address. However, the competition today has leveled up and these have transformed into a more creative visual art, aiming to deliver a solid branding of who you are and what your vision is.

The nice thing about creative letterheads is that you have the freedom to design them the way you want to. But there are some who do not know how to start building their own. Check out the best company letterhead examples with logos, which are certain to inspire you into creating a brand of your own.

Letterhead Examples For Your Brand

Zebra Crossing

Creative letterheads do not need to be full of color. If you’re saving your printer ink for text printing, then stick to the Zebra Crossing sample letterhead template. Just like a zebra, it is composed of crisscrossed black and white lines to give you a more creative look.

You can then put your logo on top of this organized chaos so it will stand out more and provide customer recall.



If you’re looking for a bolder look, don’t stick to the traditional designs. This edge-to-edge style requires no margin and will definitely catch the attention of your customer. You may even pair this with a metallic ink kind of look to make it more distinctive.

If you’re aiming to achieve this out-of-the-box concept, ensure that your tools are ready. Look for a printer that is capable of printing these special effects so that your vision will perfectly come to life.

The Season

Another business letterhead example that you can use is the season letterhead. If you aim to connect to your customers on a seasonal basis, then you’re not required to stick to just one single design for the entire year. You may create a customizable style that can be altered based on holidays, special events, and trends. This will not only put a smile on the face of your recipient but will also excite them on what’s yet to come next season!

Just make sure that there’s always a remnant of your business branding despite these changes. You may stick with the color palette but change the design or you may prefer going the other way around just using one visual design and altering the color based on the season. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to put a touch of “you” there.

The Classic Look

The Classic Look

If you’re aiming for a more minimalistic aura, try out the classic look. This letterhead example does not rely too much on the shapes and colors but is more focused on the typography features. You may play with shadowed san serif, or with bold, hand-written, or vintage-style script to enhance your design.

The only challenge with the classic look is to make sure your letterhead does not look too cluttered. If your fonts clash, it might be too confusing for your recipient. They won’t know where to look or some letterhead areas might overpower the other information placed there. Therefore, if you’re using this, ensure that everything’s complementing each other.

Artistic And Contemporary

Ready to elevate your brand identity with the help of a letterhead? Several studies revealed that visuals are the primary component in purchasing decisions. Aside from playing with the colors, one investment you can make is the stunning photography. Why not put some of your money in various professional photo sessions that can transform your letterhead into something truly unique? This technique is still not that rampant in the industry so it would be better to be the first one in that game, right?

The Signature

The Signature

Using your personal signature as the main component in your letterhead design is a good decision, especially if you are the face of the business. This will give your branding a more personalized look and this kind of approach will resonate trust, warmth, and care to your potential audience.

This is also the way if you truly want to produce letterhead examples that are truly unique and cannot be found anywhere in the market. Believe it or not, no matter how much thought we’ve put into our design, there are still instances where you’ll find a company with almost the same visual as yours. However, stringing your signature on the top of the paper will definitely be one-of-a-kind.

A creative letterhead is not merely a design for your stationery. Rather, it’s an effective tool that will enable you to communicate your business branding to people without having to talk to them one by one. These letterhead examples may serve as your inspiration for building the freshest and most creative letterhead for your business. Venngage has various letterhead templates in the mix that you can use if you still haven’t found what suits your taste.

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