Moving to a new office is not just a huge task but also a complex one. It is also an exciting task besides the fact that it comes with a lot of tasks to complete in a shorter duration. Taking the decision to relocate your business is not easy. There are numerous numbers of reasons why businesses have to take this decision. Office relocation has big furniture items to pack and move along with the large electronic items.

The experts at recommend using a moving checklist to make an office move organized. Regardless of the fact that whether your office is small or large, it comes with a lot of tasks to do. To make the process easier and efficient, it is important to follow critical tips and tricks.

Check out the tips below

1. Start your planning earlier

Plan ahead of time at least six months before the move to complete all the tasks with ease. Usually, you are assigned a specific amount of budget for particular office relocation. So, you will have to prepare a plan for utilizing the moving budget and efforts effectively to cover the entire tasks within the allocated time and budget of office relocation. Also, you need to decide the right date and time of office relocation.

Start your planning earlier

If you plan earlier then there are certain tasks that you can do by yourself by spending a little time every day on moving tasks such as packing. Packing the entire office is not one day task, there are certain items that are not needed frequently and you can start packing such items.

2. Make a checklist

There are so many activities to do when shifting. Sometimes, it may be possible that some activities overlap each other or some can be missed out. So, for avoiding this situation, one can make a checklist of tasks to do and things to be packed before the time.

While making a checklist, you can also assign the tasks to the employees if there is a need. You should have a proper plan for everything with the right time assigned to it.

3. Communicate with your employees

To make the office move efficiently, discussing the move with the office employees is important. You can also assign tasks to them. You should keep all the staff up to date with the latest schedules and moving plans. You should also offer them the right office relocation package so that they get ready to move to the new location.

4. Hire a mover

Before office relocation, one needs to perform various tasks such as packing and loading of belongings, etc., which is quite a daunting process. Therefore, to escape from this exhausting procedure, one can hire a professional and experienced moving company to relocate all their stuff to another place efficiently. Movers will not only shift your possessions but also arrange the same into your new office.

Hire a mover

5. Update your address

When relocating to the office area, start updating your address on the necessary documents such as business cards, envelopes, letterheads, etc. Also, as soon as you get to know your new address, inform your suppliers, if stuff is delivered by them to your home. If you are shifting to another state, then update the business license and other documents as well according to the needs and requirements as per the new state.

6. Backing up of data

During the process of office relocation, there is the possibility that you might lose all your important office data. Your pen drives or hard disk can get damaged during the process which can cause you the loss of some essential information. Therefore, you should take the backup of your data and also protect it from any type of breach or loss. This will be helpful in saving the data.

7. Deep clean your office

Before you relocate all the office staff, it is important to deep clean the office items. If you want to upgrade some of the electronic items, furniture items then you should not spend money on transportation of these items. You can sell, or donate these items. You should deep clean the office before you start packing the office.

Deep clean your office

8. Be diligent when labeling boxes

Regardless of the move type, whether it is an office move or a home move it is important to label your boxes. To keep the process efficient and running, you have to carefully label all the items. For maximum efficiency, you should label in the right manner with a location and a number. Though you have to spend a few minutes doing this task it will save a ton of your time when you get settled at the new place.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Office relocation is not a small task as you have to do a lot of tasks. It is quite a stressful task and can become even more stressful when you don’t stay organized. Use the above tips and tricks so that the entire moving process becomes smoother for you.

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