In the last few years, there’s been a boom in the number of cryptocurrency startups. They’ve grown at a breakneck pace and have gained massive recognition. Some of them are huge names now.

A lot of cryptocurrency startups started to come around in 2016. Most of these startups are for-profit and work in payment processing, software, and financial services. For more information visit

This is also not going to sound weak, but many cryptocurrency startups are also destined to fail, just like many small business startups. They are not any different from those and come with huge risks involved.

De facto, several banks don’t even let the companies dealing in cryptocurrency open an account with them.

But none of these has stopped new startups to emerge every day. It’s time actually to get started with setting up new cryptocurrency companies. The future is bright and promising. There are a lot of favorable chances for the investors too to test their faith in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 cryptocurrency startups

Top 6 Cryptocurrency Startups That You Should Check Out in 2020

1. Blockchain


Based out in England and founded by Nicolas Cary, Peter Smith, and Ben Revees, Blockchain is a web platform that provides access to individuals and businesses for a simplified, secure and efficient way of buying and using cryptocurrencies. The platform has received support from world-famous crypto investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners and Google Ventures.

2. Cobo

Led by Discus Fish, a Chinese pioneer, Cobo is a cryptocurrency startup that is mainly a wallet service and supports different kinds of coins. The users can grow their currency through PoS mining with Cobo.

Cobo Vault is also an important product that can store your cryptocurrency and secures it from attacks. It keeps the cryptocurrency so secure that it also comes with the self-destruct feature that will automatically wipe away all your keys in case someone gets access to them.

3. Bitwala


Located in Berlin, Bitwala was founded by Benjamin Jones and Jorg Von Mikwitz with only one mission of disrupting the traditional banking sector. This disturbance would result in single account creation. The account would simplify the transition between cryptocurrency and fiat worlds.

Bitwala gives an official bank account to its customers that come with an in-built bitcoin wallet for secure coin storage. It also provides a debit card for daily transactions.

4. Javvy

This startup has taken up the formidable challenge to beat and replace all the other cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. They’re coming up with a universal wallet that would support all the decentralized exchange and cryptocurrencies.

Javvy is connected with many exchanges and frees the customers from having to open several accounts with various exchanges. They also create Javvy Utility Token that can give the users a 50% off on the fees.


Founded by Peter Randall, SETL has its headquarter in London. The purpose of this platform was to deploy multi-currency, institutional payment platform and multi-asset settlement would be entirely dependent on the blockchain technology.

On this platform, the participants can directly move the assets and cash among themselves. It simplifies the matching process and maintains a final settlement of all the transactions like transaction records, registration, and custody.

6.  Finhaven


Vancouver based cryptocurrency startup, founded in 2017; Finhaven comes to create digitized assets. Their first plan is to build a debt and equity issuance platform with the help of the Ethereum blockchain.

With Ethereum, Finhaven also creates secure wallets and forms an audit log of the transactions along with creating one-of-a-kind tokens for every digitized asset. Soon, Finhaven will again be using Bitcoin. The investors would then be able to acquire Bitcoin in exchange for their investment.

Finhaven is currently serving in Canada only. But this may not remain as is, in the future, if all things go as plan.

Final Thoughts

Almost all the new cryptocurrency startups have revealed their big plans for the coming years. A lot of them are trying to introduce new projects and products. Others would be strengthening their way of doing business and expanding their horizons location-wise.

Nonetheless, what the studies and reports have suggested is that the coming years are going to be especially beneficial for the cryptocurrency business. A lot of new startups are going to be launched, and there will be a massive increase in the number of cryptocurrency users.  All in all, we’re set to see a significant and profitable transformation in the crypto market.

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