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Custom Lapel Pins are a Versatile Accessory for Creating a Memory

Lapel pins have a long history in men and women’s fashion beginning with exclusive artists who designed custom pins and brooches of precious metals and the finest gems for kings and queens, These unique pins displayed their importance and wealth with gold and jewels of the highest craftsmanship attached to their lapels, necklines, purses, and wrists. Today’s lapel pins often signify ones patriotism for a national heritage or the special places a world traveler has visited. In business, they serve a similar purpose in displaying our achievements and membership in organizations we can point to with pride.  Their handsome functionality combined with their artistry often make them collectible, as well.  

Since today’s lapel pins are often custom pins that symbolize achievement and belonging in a wide variety of specific organizations from universities to businesses, their uses have grown with time. In fact, the term, lapel pin, is also often used to describe other types of pins such as hat pins, stick pins, and tie tacks. The versatility and attractiveness of these functional accessories sometimes don’t even include an actual pin today, as many are attached using custom magnets. Like fraternity and sorority pins, an eye-catching lapel pin can instill a sense of belonging in an elite group of high performers in an organization, motivating other employees and raising brand awareness for the organization along the way. 

Often, today’s pins are prized keepsakes to their owners, regardless of their actual monetary value–reminding them of their time and service in an important cause or endeavor.  They’re often attached to ball caps and vests as a home for pins of the owner’s favorite sports teams, etc. These types of pins are usually less expensive and are used to recognize everything from a branch of military service or vacation destinations and the memorable attractions visited while there.

Fortunately, if you’re in the market for creating keepsake’s your organization will treasure, it’s easy to create a custom pin today by submitting a concept, theme, sketch, or company logo and allowing a custom pin company to do the rest for you. After they’ve designed your pin based on your request, you’ll receive a proof and can make adjustments as needed. You can even choose from a variety of attachment options beyond the traditional button pin style to make a more unique statement. A reputable custom pin company will often offer unique packaging that’s almost as beautiful as the pins themselves, adding to the statement your award ceremony will make to the receivers. In fact, lapel pins can also be plated with precious metals for a grander statement. 
A company such as the experienced artisans at Custom Pins can tailor a design that makes virtually any kind of statement stronger and more memorable with their designs. In fact, you can create and order pins online from the comfort of your home. If you’re seeking a unique way to create group cohesion, increase brand awareness for your organization, celebrate and honor achievements in your organization, or just honor all the members of a sports team of which you’re a member, custom pins make just the right statement!

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