Too much use of Aspirin can cause severe affect on your health and can be the reason of Cancer and Heart Attack

In- Details:

According the health research laboratories daily aspirin therapy is reason behind the increasing number of cases for heart attack and cancer diseases.

NHS Researcher found the risk more than its benefits; they told that It can bleed your brain and stomach.

Doctors advice you aspirin therapy after first stroke or first heart attack, which can make your blood in flow steadily in your veins, this therapy is not good for all patients. Mostly more 50 years old patients are recommended for low dose Aspirin.

Daily dose recommended to those patient who have heart disease because the aspirin remove the blood clots by diluting it into the smooth blood .

If you don’t have any heart diseases then and you are regularly taking this dose can affective for your health and you may be get strokes or heart attack

These drugs are healthy to remove the chance of building blood clots but somewhere are dangerous for your other body.

Prof Aileen Clarke told in his conversation that regular dose are risky but if uses in balanced way then will not affect badly on the body

“It would be lovely to say over-50s should take an aspirin a day and have much less cancer, but the research hasn’t yet been done and we should be cautious.We need to be extremely careful about over-promoting aspirin.”

Amy Thompson told that aspirin are recommendable for heart disease patients to lower their blood clots increasing fear, but person free from this disease can be the patients of it with the excessive use of aspirin for your body need.

Researcher are busy in making summary of their whole research and will soon shed the result or conclusion of their study to give you more guidelines about this serious health issue.

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