Although cannabis was known and used for thousands of years, recent passing of supportive legislative frameworks has seen its use surge by a great margin. The most notable of these is the Farm Bill amendments of 2018 that allows any trader to join the industry. But this open form of trade has made some manufacturers to start making low-quality products and releasing them into the market.

The best way to know the best cannabis products is subjecting them to third party testing. If you do not subject your hemp product to further testing in third party laboratories, you risk stocking poor quality products, which can result in the following hidden dangers.

Losing Your Customers and Incurring Losses

The first danger of not subjecting your hemp products to additional testing in a 3rd party laboratory is losing your customers.

Today, most people going for cannabis products are informed by the need to enjoy specific therapeutic effects. For example, a person who suffers from regular migraine attacks might be interested in a CBD product with a specific cannabinoid profile.

If you stock cannabis products without testing them, some are likely to have the wrong cannabinoid profile. This means there is a danger of your clients not getting the expected therapeutic effects. Such clients are likely to walk away from your store, resulting in reduced sales and eventually, huge losses.

Getting into Conflict with the Law

The main thing highlighted in the Farm Bill amendments of 2018 is that all cannabis products should not have THC exceeding 0.3%.

But some suppliers do not adhere to this rule. This means that if you stock hemp products without testing them, the chances are that you could end up selling products with high levels of THC. This could get you into conflict with the law.

Customers Suffering from Psychotic Effects

For many years, cannabis was stigmatized because of its psychotic effects. This is why all the cannabis products getting into the market are required to have no more than 0.3% THC, the psychotic cannabinoid.

But with more traders putting their focus on profits as opposed to quality, there is a danger of selling products with very high THC levels, and risking getting users high. Well, since you do not want to subject your clients to such psychotic effects, the best thing to do is testing all your cannabinoid products in a third party testing.

How do You Identify the Best Third Party Testing Laboratory

Now that you know the importance of third party laboratory testing, the next question is: “How do you identify the best third party laboratory?”

  • Look for the laboratory that has been in the market and made a name for its commitment to quality.
  • Select the laboratory that uses the latest technology to test samples.
  • Your need to look for the laboratory that can complete the tests as fast as possible.

Today, third party laboratory testing has become an important force helping to define the industry. If you are a trader dealing with cannabis products, you cannot forego hemp testing. Remember that for the best results, you have to identify and work with the best laboratory.

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