About 140 million people worldwide take part in boating and water sports.

Everybody knows that boating is quite an enjoyable experience. But some people interested in boating are held back by false stories on boating. There are many boating myths that people still believe today.

Have you ever heard that it is bad luck to change your boat’s name? These myths may result from maritime history, movies, and insufficient knowledge of boating. You mustn’t fall victim to these myths as they cause misunderstandings and negatively affect the boating industry.

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Read on to see how we have busted some common boating myths.

No Whistling on Board

Sailors believe that whistling while on board increases the wind and the storm. Singing aboard a ship is also not allowed for a similar reason. All these claims are not valid.

No Bananas Allowed

It’s still believed that bringing bananas aboard is bad luck. The myth started in the 1700s when trading ships went missing between Spain and the Caribbean. Some sailors blamed it on the bananas they were ferrying.

Fishermen also believe that carrying bananas means they won’t catch any fish. The idea came because boats transporting bananas must move faster. It is due to the reason that bananas may go bad before arriving at their destination.

The swift movement makes it difficult for fishermen to barely catch anything.

Don’t Sail on Fridays

Some mythical sailors avoid sailing on specific days to prevent bad luck. Fridays are seen as bad sailing days as it commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. Thursdays are also said to be terrible sailing days since it is the birthday of the god of thunder.

Boating Is Expensive

5 Amazing Tips for Finding the Perfect Boat for You

Boating is not as expensive, and there are different types of boats to suit any age, lifestyle, and budget. Boating costs are comparable, and you can get one that fits your needs. You can also get your new ship for a monthly installment of $250, much like a vehicle.

There’s too Much Involved in Maintaining a Boat

With a modern boat, you need just a little maintenance. All you need is enough gas, just like a vehicle. Also, you need a few boating essentials like bilge pumps that your dealer will install at a low cost.

Check out this guide for more info on bilge pumps.

Never Rename a Boat

It is thought that once a boat is named, it has a life and consciousness of its own. If you want to change the name of your ship, you must hold a renaming ceremony. Begin by writing down the title on paper, folding it, and keeping it in a box.

You should then burn the box and scatter the ashes into the sea.

Have an Amazing Boating Experience by Avoiding These Boating Myths

different types of boats

There are many boating myths that people still believe today. Believing these myths may make a significant difference in your enjoyment. You must understand the difference between myths and facts in boating for a better experience.

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